Stevie P ft Sketch | Everything Pt 2 Prod by PSP @OTVisuals @Thatkidsteviep @sketchreppinink

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OneTake got together with Stevie P and Sketch (from E4’s awesome show Tattoo Fixers) to film a video for Everything Pt 2!
This is the first installment to the upcoming E.P ‘Southern Comfort’ from both Stevie P & Sketch!

Check out the original here..

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Filmed by @JustJesskarz

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  1. ella ellaxx says

    2019? i love what u do u show how much love u have for your daughters

  2. Mrs B3dlam Inc. says

    Much better version than the first one with the other guy. So far I've been able to find 4 tunes with Sketch and Stevie P and they're all good enough to make an album! Please make some more.

  3. Levi Hunter says

    legit love dese lads, these songs r amazing

  4. Rebecca Day says

    Can Scribble please just stick to doing shit tattoos

    ( I know he's called sketch )

  5. Stay Strong says

    1. half of these views are mine, no joking.
    2. wtf y is Stevie so familiar to me from somewhere??!! is he an actor BC I think I know him from acting…or no??? what is wrong with me?!
    3. ytf I can't find lyrics like on any of yours songs. They deserve lyrics more than some other songs. I mean, (no offensive just saying my opinion) Nicky Minaj sings "you a stupid hoe" and we admire that and tittle it as good music. This talks bout worldwide problems and they call it emo or bad infuenca music. where tf is this world going? Anyways…yeah good job guys…speechless….

  6. Chelle Anita says

    I absolutely love it!! All those girls are exceptionally fortunate, you guys are men!

  7. Tracy Priest says

    Hey guys what happened to the ep release ??

  8. Bex Hibbs says

    Can't stop listening to this awesome tune you both sounds so amazing & so deep! Loves it!!

  9. tasha Rowland says

    amazing again love it x

  10. well ello says

    I lloooovveee sketch so mucchhh I even have a poster this song made. me cry im called daisy btw xxx

  11. Daphne D'Haese says

    I really love this song!!! Keep doing the good work guys! I hope to hear more of you!

  12. Paul *pab Towner says

    my man @sketchreppinink legend big respect to @thatkidsteviep

  13. Jayy Harper says

    When is it gonna be on iTunes?

  14. Daytona Louise Sayers says

    I love this combonation and want to hear loads more! Sketch's rap bit tho,OMG! I love Stevie too x

  15. T K says

    Live stevie p so much talent love sketch they are both very talented would love to meet strive p amazing xx

  16. Raven Wolfspirit says

    Well I cant say I have heard this since I commented 5 months ago. But I have to say that it still gives me ducky bumps, and I wonder why on earth Sketch doesn't put out a single – his voice as I said in the previous post is really good. He still rocks my world, but, seems I dont rock his cos he no longer replies to my tweets 🙁 Seriously though I understand as he is a busy guy these days

  17. Vicky Heath says

    Who was on the phone at the end?

  18. Sara Meredith says

    Love this Stevie P is a talent on his own but this combination is incredible and Sketch opens it up to a new dimension in so many different ways.

  19. Cor Brogan says

    Is it just me or does sketch sound a bit like professor green

  20. Kelly Hawkey says

  21. ROYALTY says

    nice to hear something diffrent for a change

  22. Craig Davis says

    sketch sounds like professor green

  23. Alexandra says

    What's happens at the end of the video ?

  24. Tam page says

    sketch ❤❤❤

  25. laurenlouise says

    i love this i have it on repeat all the time is it on itunes or anything x

  26. Emily Short says


  27. Jess Marson says

    This is sooo beautiful.

  28. connor con says

    Sketch do a track with dempsy louis that will get veiws and likes stevie just pulling u back

  29. connor con says

    Lolll sketch has talent stevie got alooootttttt of work to do

  30. heylookitsrach says

    I live this, means so much. Xx

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