Tattoo Disasters UK Series 1 Ep 6 Documentary 2016

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Tattoo Disasters UK

  1. Danielle and Mia says

    I would have went to a different artist when covering up those guns.. the eagle looks like a "cartoon"

  2. Melker Johansson says

    That music tattoo looked great to me. The reason given for removing it was stupid. Her friends are jackwads.


    That is not the funeral march. ANY musician should know that at the very least the rhythm is completely different and then that the notes don't co-respond and that the key is completely wrong…… I put it into musical software for anyone that is curious what it actually sounds like…. Press play up the top of the score.

  4. Rosa Dañiela says

    Lol… the scarab beetle isnt an actual scarab beetle either.. oh well…

  5. jaybone23 says

    Kids NEVER listen! And awww…the girl at 04:24 is so cute. Poor thing.

  6. KRS KA says

    WTF… i livee in england… this girl is talking like shit

  7. m lynn says

    really definitely couldve gotten just the notes removed and touched up the treble clef… silly.

  8. Slamm Robinson says

    that scarab was awful he has now got another dreadful tattoo to add to his collection

  9. milkamilla says

    "The three Chinese characters spell Amy's name"…no, I'm pretty sure they don't lol

  10. Tomovic Djordje says

    i dont like the beetle on this guy's neck

  11. arano ilean says

    pure british with chinese symbol, big lool..

  12. Hailey Ann says

    Calling yourself a musician when you can't read sheet music is like calling yourself a writer when you can't read.

  13. Metal In Your Head says

    Just get rid of the arrows pointing at his crotch. Than that tattoo is fine.

  14. darkswarn says

    Why is nobody talking about that chinese characters CAN'T be used to spell latin names ? That is nit how it works, instead of Amy he has some senseless stuff on his neck.

  15. Lttradiumlevans77 says

    Having a scarabee tatooed on your neck is so weird… I'd feel my life ruined if I woke up with that in the morning…

  16. Emmie Ana Ray says

    Uuuuhh that’s not the funeral march. I just played it on my piano, it’s not the funeral march. She just got a perfectly good tattoo removed

  17. Scrotie McBoogerBalls says

    All those original tattoos were so badly done!

  18. Erik Ramirez says

    Jesus, are all European tattoo artists this bad??

  19. Dandelion says

    …that isn’t the funeral march.

  20. Dandelion says

    In Australia you can get a tattoo as young as 12 if your parents come with you and sign a contract.

  21. Markus Andersen says

    the amount of puns about those guns need to stop!

  22. According To Honda says

    Just played her tattoo and that ain't the funeral march

  23. Dibbo 92 says

    I understand why people on this show are getting theirs removed but honestly I don’t regret getting any of my tattoos I’m very happy with them

  24. Ash Phillips says

    Those symbols don't spell AMY isn't equatable in Chinese. It's female.

  25. Ashton Hanson says

    The eagle is trash but the beetle is really nice

  26. Brabus 1Up says

    musician…can't read sheet music, fuck off. also pretty damn sure that's not the funeral march.

  27. Emelia Orre says

    I want to get a tattoo it would be s little sun little above my foot and it menas a lot to me but shold i really get it?

  28. Shay Posey says

    Amy is probably laughing her ass off with Rach over a cocktail

  29. Dimi Choueiry says

    The "tattooists" tattoos are fucking ugly

  30. Dimi Choueiry says

    Tattoo laser is bullshit

  31. Cyborg PhotoshopVideos says

    Pause at 18:35 look at the left side you can still see the gun

  32. Rebecca love says

    31 he still looks 18

  33. kai russell says

    Is it just me or was that artist doing the eagle a little rough? It's 18:00 give or take…

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