‘Marilyn Monroe Tramp Stamp’ | Tattoo Nightmares

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In this episode of Tattoo Nightmares, Big Gus has his work cut out for him when a young lady comes in with a completely botched Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Will he be able to save the day? Tune into Tattoo Nightmares every Tuesday at 11/10c.

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Docu-reality series “Tattoo Nightmares” takes a closer look at “tattastrophies” and the genius work of cover-up artists who fix them. Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez are among the most revered cover-up artists in the business, and they employ their years of experience to undo their client’s ill-conceived tats. Watch as they work their magic and turn “disasterpieces” into new works of art.

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  1. Will D says

    A 2 minute clip of a show about tattoo cover ups and I didnt even see the tattoo….

  2. Air Flux says


  3. Summer says

    This show fucking sucks

  4. Ginger Turquoise says

    You ruined a good show with over the top dialogue and those reenactments. So bad D:
    Schreeching sound is the worst too!

  5. edgy cutie says
  6. Kirby Brown says

    Why won't they show the fucking tattoo it's annoying me

  7. Steve Lezama says

    The actor they used for her looks like the girl version of Fred

  8. Bro Gamers says

    Alguien sabe como se llama la del tatoo

  9. What Up says

    Marylin Monroe was a man

  10. Loot Goon says


  11. Dr Rums says

    An Owl themed restaurant . . . They mean Hooters!

  12. Mickey Mouse says

    This chick is fucking hot!
    I wanna fuck her so bad

  13. Angel Caban says

    Nice, keep up the awsome work

  14. Jhoan Salas says

    The mermaid tattoo is fucking ugly worst than Marilyn

  15. Jihbby Agario says

    That guy in the skit looks like WolfieRaps

  16. Leah Davis says

    Oh man, once it hit 1:00 when that girl did the reenactment, it was so bad…I couldn't even finish this video…this is horrible. Is this show even still airing? How come we can't even see the actual tattoos on these people?

  17. Mr HiGuy says

    The mermaid cover up looks like shit

  18. Wtf is that screeching?!

  19. Nick Beaudry says

    The Re-enactments are reminiscent of the MANswers show! lol it had these ridiculously bad acting Re-enactments lol

  20. Mr. Meeseeks says

    their acting is so bad. and the little transition sound made me want to rip my ears out. you guys need to fucking get it together. this isn't tv, this is just you trying to hard to be good at something you're not.

  21. Saif Al Bukhari says

    الله وسخين

  22. Kelly Star says

    Show the fucking tattoo

  23. Rainbow Rain says

    this video is fucking anoying

  24. 619 575 says

    This show is part of what is ruining tattooing. Corney ass shows like this.

  25. Alejandra Rita Zarate says


  26. Sweet Lilac says

    I cringed so hard at the reenactments.

  27. Maya Musovic says

    They probably don't show the tattoo Cuz this show is probably fake

  28. Maya Musovic says

    The transition sound dear god

  29. Quinton Hall says

    Shes sexy AF

  30. Megan brown says

    that fucking noise Oh my god

  31. pressure zone says

    looks like a horrible show

  32. susan osborne says

    Bad Aprils fools day joke of a show

  33. boss hog918 says

    then she became a whore

  34. Angelo Jensen says

    im sorry but with that body and those tits who the hell is looking at a bad tattoo?

  35. Mabs200sx K says

    why the hell are Americans so cheesey?! honestly ever fucker is fake or thinks they can act

  36. MelBee Rose says

    wtf those "flashbacks" are fucking obnoxious and annoying af

  37. Alyssa Ann Whaley says

    Where do you see the tattoo? I didn't see it the whole video.

  38. Wolfer9 AnimalJam says

    why is this douche-fest in my recommended?

  39. John Landau says

    This gave me cancer.

  40. Brandon M says

    Yup. You can tell this is a show on Spike.

  41. Jiraiya Sama says

    muffin top for days.

  42. Crybaby says

    You're not even going to show us the tattoo…?

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