Face Tattoo Failures

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I bet everyone has seen at least one face tattoo in our lives and some can even look good but unfortunately there are plenty more out there which are just damned wrong, welcome to our post on Face Tattoo Failures.

We know tattoos are for life not just Christmas but surely the following people had some kind of mental break down to do that to themselves?

So without further ado let us share with you some of our favorite face tattoo failures.

Face Tattoo Failures - hairline tattoo

God only knows what this chap was thinking when he popped into see his local tattoo artist?

Do you remember a few years back some crazy people started tattooing themselves with company names and logos? Well here’s a couple now, these are just insane.

Now i like to have a dabble on the roulette wheel or maybe even the craps table but this woman has simply lost the plot.

Face Tattoo Failures - Forehead Casino Tattoo

If you thought the casino tattooed women was mental then what the help is this young lady?

Is this chap called Bentley or is he dreaming big hoping someone at the car manufacturer will see his brilliant tattoo and send him a nice shiny new car?

Face Tattoo Failures - Bentley Tattoo

Some Face Tattoo not so Failures?

Now rather more disturbing tat’s, yes we found even more disturbing tattoo’s out there in this crazy mixed up world.

Face Tattoo Failures - Ice Cream Tattoo
Face Tattoo Failures - Harry Potter

We are now coming to an end of our face tattoo failures so we thought we’d end off with some more amusing and to be honest nicer tattoo’s to help you sleep better later, after all who wants an image of any of the above when you’re trying to sleep tonight.

I see you, even when i’m sleeping, not sure if this is actually makeup or a tattoo, as being that close to the eye surely could cause some problems? If you know please drop a comment to let us know, we’d love to find out.

Face Tattoo Failures - Face tattoo

Let us know what you think, face tattoo fail or not?

Well this one is maybe not a tattoo fail as such but not exactly what i would want on my face for the rest of my life.

Now this chap must have a serious sense of humour, either that or he was just annoyed at losing his glasses a lot.

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