EastEnders Superfan's Homeless Ian Beale Tattoo | Tattoo Fixers

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This EastEnders superfan finally wants her homeless Ian Beale tattoo completed!
Watch the episode on All 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/tattoo-fixers

  1. Maddison Weedon says

    I know her

  2. Rebecca x says

    how is she shagging everyone look at the state of her her fucking teeth

  3. red walrus says

    My God it's horrid I don't even know where to start!

  4. Morgan Roberts says

    sketch is so gorge im obsessed

  5. Sir Trollsalot says

    What the fuck… it looks like a drunk 8-year-old drew that tattoo with crayons.

  6. Inga Oline says

    The shadow, detail and coloring is so bad sips tea Why do people go on this show voluntarily…

  7. MOTTO motto says

    Quality bird

  8. Project15 says

    I always thought it was ian bill…

  9. Nina Eve says

    Why would you put the words on the banner in that placement?!?! *facepalm*

  10. Ayesha says

    Your 5 a day keeps Ian Beale away

  11. zo fortnite and more says

    Keep it beale

  12. Greg Dundee says

    Go brush your teeth non stop for a week ya slag

  13. ReivaxOG says

    Should have tatted a fucking toothe brush on her look at the state of those gold teeth

  14. tomspidey holland says

    I hope she don’t bang sketch

  15. Dan Moore says

    Why are the ‘fix’ tattoos just as bad

  16. Heho says

    i gagged when i saw her teeth….

  17. Eve says

    keep it like real ian beale

  18. Potato Smuggler says

    omg how could anyone put up with how she talks

  19. Beth J says

    "Keep it like real Ian Beale…"

  20. Rancid Seafood says

    She’s dirty

  21. Charlie's World says

    Great work by Sketch there!

  22. SamAK says


  23. Kylie Harrison says

    You know what's worse than that tattoo ? Her bat wings

  24. bekahme95 says

    Just started watching, who is the blonde? I love her inner arm tattoo

  25. Georgia Thomas says

    If it was on me I’d slice it off with a rusty knife.

  26. LowKeyFunction says

    What the fuck is a Ta-oooh? Disgusting.

  27. Kelly Tromans says

    She's like the female equivalent of a tool that does stupid shit all the time

  28. UNITDW says

    "Keep it like real Ian Beale." He really fucked the placement on those words.

  29. Grovesy says

    Her teeth and her flabby arms… Ewww

  30. Frog Princess2 says

    What a slut

  31. Biffy Clyro says

    She should see a dentist first

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