Stepmum Wants Bride’s Back Tattoo Covered Up! | Say Yes To The Dress UK

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Hazelle is having a glamorous, red carpet wedding at the Odeon Leicester Square. She wants a non-tranditional wedding dress that will show off her back tattoo, but stepmum is not impressed!
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  1. Maya abu farraj says

    I think the bride forgot to blend her make up…

  2. Kenisha Maxie says

    Her make up is terrible

  3. Taylor Gibson says

    That stepmom needs to shut her mouth "that's not feminine" girl shut up

  4. Eszti. says

    That tattoo is pretty ugly tho.

  5. Darlene Bergmans says

    Don't like the first one

  6. Meg •-• says

    My mom isn’t as bad as this mom but by the end when the step mom looked at her step daughter pleadingly to say yes to the dress like she’d be disappointed if she said no, I FELT THAT TO MY CORE

  7. monchitoe x says

    Her tattoo looks incredibly cheap. If she's happy with it, then of course she should show it

  8. Hazal Taşbulak says

    Well gurl, let me make it clear for you, this back tattoo is not on your back. What I am saying is that it is none of your business. xox

  9. shivangi rai says

    Tattoos anyway will be covered by the veil!!!

  10. Kaycee K says

    Screw what she thinks. The second dress was beautiful and contoured your DELICATE FEMININE TATTOO wonderfully. The top of the third is just not pretty. It makes such a sudden stop in an awkward place.

  11. Laura Harmour says

    third dress is lovely and she loves it.

  12. Sleek says

    Do people actually like that tattoo?

  13. Lisa Gray says

    I dislike her stepmom. & She isn't genuinely happy in that dress. But, i dare somebody to try & change my mind from the dress I love. They will see.

  14. TRUE BEAUTY says

    her contour needs more blending anyone elsd agree?

  15. Tiffany C says

    Honestly the tattoo she has means something very important to her and it is part of who she is, so if she wants to show it then let her tattoo show and like it's not that bad

  16. Khadijah Yago says

    The first dress was STUNNING#!!!!!!!
    I can't address it enough!!!!!

  17. Taibaa J says

    Her dress is soo beautiful even her step mom and sister r soo loving and caring

  18. Some Toast says

    ItS nOt FeMIniNe, iT muST Be FEMALE. DeLIcAte, FemINiE bRiDe. FEMALE I TELL YOU! – old insecure crank

  19. MiHaELa says

    fuck when she said that tattoos aren't feminime i got so mad

  20. Stargirl 9967 says

    I don’t know what this lady is saying! A tattoo saying “diamonds pearls” in a nice swirling font is the most feminine and fierce tattoo in the world

  21. Stargirl 9967 says

    I don’t know what this lady is saying! A tattoo saying “diamonds pearls” in a nice swirling font is the most feminine and fierce tattoo in the world

  22. Kayla Bailey says


  23. It’s.Just. Taliii says

    What pisses me off is j don’t give a damn if you don’t like it. It’s my day Brit yours give your lil opinion but I really don’t give a damn.. that’s my opinion

  24. Deidre Arnoldin says

    I love the third dress

  25. TheMagicAround says

    Honestly, I don't like all the dresses… She looked so cool and stylish in her everyday clothes – she needed something far more interesting as a wedding dress then just a common lace dress. And though she is very beautiful – her neck is short and all the dresses display that

  26. ila kaizen says

    The shading so clear

  27. Hot Milky says

    Ok her tattoo has sentimental value for her and shit but I think we all can agree that it's fucking horrible

  28. Shay Simpson says

    Well you're not the real mom and its not your wedding

  29. Free Riding says

    1 like = 1 slap for the stepmom

    Let’s see if we can get a 1000 ppl to slap her

  30. Hannah Banana says

    4:50 “sorry” that annoying sorry at the end doesn’t make it all okay shut up

  31. Sandra Turner says

    Please STOP showing black women on front cover and then it's some kind of white women this is a DIRTY NASTY click bait! !!

  32. Nadine Abou-Shahla says

    Honestly, I think that they should comprise with Hazelle able to show her Tattoo and her step mom with the shape

  33. maigre Légende says

    the second one was so gorgeous and perfect for her but of course, other people have to like it.

  34. Natalia * says

    If I ever decide to get married I will go by myself to get my dress, fuck the entourage. I would have thrown my shoe at that woman!!!!!

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