This Guy’s Tiny Nipple Is Smaller Than A 5p Coin | Tattoo Fixers

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This guy has an unfortunate tattoo above his nipple, and the Tattoo Fixers need to see if his nipple really is smaller than a 5 pence coin!
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  1. mrjules2008 says

    I’ve never given my nipples such attention. Got me looking at mine and pretty sure they’re just as small.

  2. Octavius Ete Zhy Lam Tan says

    the woman looks like Charlotte Crosby

  3. XxSoreThumbGamesxX says

    I cant be the only one that went and grabbed a 5p coin

  4. DynastyGaming says

    Mate mines a 50p

  5. 엠마 / AntiGachaGachaClub says

    It looks like an egg..

  6. Susan Frometa says

    These guys and gal are so talented.

  7. itsjustjaideee says

    I'm a big fan of his eyebrows ngl

  8. GOLD KEEPER says

    The woman wearing the wolf hat looks like John legends wife.

  9. Melody Joy_V says

    Guys just have small nips. He's not special.

  10. Tamzin Carter says

    i love sketches style

  11. Remy says

    “Milk Me” was better

  12. I’d keep milk me

  13. Galatea says

    At least the “milk me”wasn’t somewhere else…

  14. amy gilbert says

    "Oh it's well diddyyyy" I'm done

  15. Kira Anastasia Andersen says

    He should keep it 100%

  16. Ross Tucker says

    this vid made me realize that i have TINY nipples

  17. Sword Lord says

    hat guy reminds me of noel fielding from the mighty booth and various other shows

  18. Georgia_ 2909 says

    The tattoo looks like Charlotte Crosby

  19. AmoreAngel says

    Takes out a 5p coin hMmM

  20. PopcornLollipops says

    At 2:55 the auto generated captions say
    'Go through and get fun
    Get it up billy yeah'……………

  21. claud ohara says

    I dont even think they were that small tbh

  22. ZanduckTV2 says

    He looks like R Wayne off Peter Kay’s X Factor pisstake thing.

  23. H says

    don't worry g small nips here, we're out here

  24. Caden says

    this guy just wanted a free tattoo

  25. Caden says

    my nipple is prob the same size

  26. MattyPlayzThings says

    Why was this in my recommendation

  27. Xxxtentacion Jr says


  28. Whatshisname 3 says

    was i the only one who looked at my nipple ??

  29. upsidedownindu says

    3:24 LOL

  30. Jaz says

    My nipples are smaller than a 5p

  31. Maurits says

    I would rather have a shitty teeny tiny ''milk me'' tat than a giant ball on my chest.

  32. Shady Sav says

    My nipples are smaller..

  33. Benjamin Merryfield says

    My friend has 3 nipples

  34. H says

    love to see a fellow small nipple person #SmallNipsandProud

  35. seventeen wishes says

    "jazz my nipples up a bit"

  36. seventeen wishes says

    At least he ain't Harry styles

  37. AbandonedProgram says

    ha tiny nip todd

  38. Brady says

    Bruh one of my friends nipples are smaller than that

  39. Makenzie Is Trash says

    It’s sam golbach…

  40. IGoodMeme says

    I have tits

  41. RaZe Gaming says

    I have seen smaller

  42. LPS Madz. says


  43. SARO says

    I bet my nipples are smaller

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