Tattoo Fixers on Holiday S02E01 – 25th Jul 2017

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  1. 11Jupiter11 says

    58:38 looks awful

  2. Theturtleowl says

    I liked the idea of the bird tattoo far better than the idea the girl went with. It was more creative and it looked like the bird carved it.

  3. Dana Charaf says

    Why is everyone hating. They are doing there best. Like honestly if you are a hater then leave. Like seriously stop.

  4. OneClickMan says

    I`ll stick to the ones i see on Ink Master. There are some real talented artist.

  5. Monni Koira says

    The first two dudes are like straight from america pie or something

  6. Case C says

    i just spent 8 mins watching british Commerciels before i realized that, 1. im not watching cable and 2. i live in the US

  7. Merle S says

    Bet that those first guys are virgins lol

  8. Lucas Guaraldo says

    sketch is my ultimate crush.
    he is so handsome

  9. The Expert Noob says

    i dont understand how any of the skin on the new tattoos look irritated, or new, they look almost healed by the time the record the footage, its just super sketchy to me almost faked idk.

  10. rawrisiloveuindinify says

    Wow English men are definitely less attractive then Americans (not the south exclude the south) those first guys the “players” don’t look attractive at all they look like the type of guys that would be bullied in highschool. Sexist and ugly, how mediocre.

  11. Rude Cherry says

    Did any of those twins know that tucking its literally the drag technique of sticking the penis to the butt crack to make it look like a vagina?comsidering how big of a cunt he was with women he should have kept it hahahahahahaha

  12. ScribbleHideout says

    “No two women are alike”


  13. ScribbleHideout says

    “No two women are alike”


  14. Beautiful Gall says

    I would usually go for Glenn's ideas

  15. Yukie San says

    + For nice storys
    – for not cutting out the ad´s

  16. Lux Life says

    the brits are stealing americans music lol

  17. Sing it Queen says

    I've never seen British commercials, so that was interesting.

  18. Jenn Powell says

    26:20 is that Amsterdam in the background???

  19. cassandra sotos says

    Those brothers are Not cute…they HAVE to go after the silver foxes that are WASTED bc chicks their age wouldnt fuck um blacked out wasted

  20. Beautiful Puppy says

    Omfg the bird was way better

  21. Beautiful Puppy says

    XD you just got herpes

  22. Lily Xero says

    Calling women who would normally come to you for tats a vulture is low class.

  23. Saie Draws says

    What does the top guard symbol mean? What even is a top guard??
    Is it a fascist thing? I guess it must be something really bad if they had that reaction.

  24. Sydney Snyder says

    What does "you've been tucked" mean?

  25. Petra van Hoften says

    Tattoo artists tattooing drunk people… No, really?

  26. ThesePitHands says

    Thank god for her repulsed reaction with the you’ve been tucked tat just so gross and asinine

  27. Kailany Bueno says

    Do they have Instagram?

  28. Bastel Zakai says

    Fck, how long are British commercials?

  29. Rachel Bensler says

    takes tiny tattoo and turns it into massive and uncoverable tattoo
    Great job… ya.

  30. Brandi T says

    I love how EVERYONE is in "so much" pain.

  31. Annie Strickland says

    that cheese commercial had me feelin some type a way

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