Lip & Brow Tattoo Gone WRONG! My Tattoo Horror Story (including pictures)

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How my lip & brow tattoos turned out horribly wrong.

I made this video to warn you guys about cosmetic tattooing, in case you’ve ever considered getting it. I was so hoping that my brows and lip tattoos were going to turn out well, but unfortunately they both looked horrible. I was lucky enough to have the amazing Sharon Lee help me fix some of the damage done to my eyebrows (here’s her website: but my lips are still a mess. I hope this video helps some of you not make the same mistake I did! x


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  1. Michelle Poole says

    You lost us at 'that is going to make my life so much better'…if that what makes your life better you need to leave the makeup alone

  2. louis DeFusco says

    Under my fiance's account. THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this video!!! Won't be doing it…. ever!

  3. Pearl Ford says

    Her mouth seems to have a mind of its own lol. Though shes very pretty.

  4. Denise Brunson says

    Tattoo at age 29! Oh child what that will look like at age 50…smh. What if thin brows become the rage again?? So tired of women’s looks being put under the microscope by cosmetic and fashion industries.

  5. Lisa bartelli says

    Thanks for the truth. You look great!

  6. Jennifer Boergers says

    2 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! damn…. DAMN!!! I hope you documented your experience in photos and just destroyed all avenues of reviews. Save another poor soul from waisting money.

  7. Marina Mori says

    Stephanie, tattoo or no tattoo, you are so pretty. hey, I also had a horrible experience in a New York tattoo saloon (own by a Filipino woman) who doesn't know anything about beauty.

  8. Heather Gardner says

    I would have been getting my money back!!! Sharon did do an amazing job fixing it.

  9. Rachel Fitzmaurice says

    your nearly 30 boy please get over your ego one day you will be more mature and see what alot of rubbish you were doing like all the time in front of a mirror you could be saving the rain forest or helping the homeless all this paint and money its all just so pointless hopefully one day you will see the big picture stop being a slave to all this beauty stuff you a loverly girl you dont need all this work

  10. Yusra Ilyas says

    What lip color are you wearing?

  11. Amanda Susanne says

    Please don’t get your brows tattooed. In a few years the thick brows are not going to be in style anymore.

  12. HeatherLoves says

    Thy nose contour is so distracting

  13. Izzy Drury says

    i only clicked on this because i thought it was jenna marbles.

  14. Barbara Schlamminger says

    Jesus! You are just awful. First you stupidly believe pictures and then you are the type of customers who is never satisfied. Your lips were not the same like before, they just needed another touch up. I 've been doing face tattooingin Germany for 20 years. Your lips were ok., they always need 3 sessions to become perfect. Your brows not, because it's not Microblading and it turned red. Wrong color. A good tattooer can correct that easily. You can never know exactly how a color turns out. Your red brow picture is never taken 2 weeks after the first tattooing, it's way later. Your brows still not look good and are not done perfectly. Perfect Permanent make up needs yearly touch up.
    And I believe you use retinol face cream. Never do that, it fades the colors quickly. Your video is a complete lie!
    Customers like you are a nightmare. Thank God I don't have those!
    Good advice to you: CALM DOWN! You drive people crazy!

  15. Siân says


  16. Andrea Garnica says

    I regret mine. I did eye liner and lip. At 19. The lips have faded, thank goodness, but the eye liner is what bothers me the most.

  17. debra mossbrook says

    Your Eyebrows & Lips Look BEAUTIFUL!! The Color On Your Lips Is A Perfect Mauve, In My Opinion! One Of My Favorite Colors!! And…………..You Are Beautiful Too!!

  18. Amber Van Sweden says

    Your last tip was perfect & what I would call the crux of the entire video. The pictures shown by most professionals are typically from the vendor. Not often are they a reflection of their own work. IF (big IF), they are their own photos, ask the professional for the names/numbers of the clients. You can also offer your name/number for the professional to share with clients & request they contact you directly. I had Cool Scultping to help contour my abs & slim my thighs. 4 sessions & $5,000 USD later, zero results. I tracked weight & inches & neither changed after nearly a year so I took extreme measures & researched the best liposuction Dr in my area. Someone I know & trust recommended a Dr. I went with him & 2 surgeries to even my abdomen out & 1 from another doctor, so 3 total, couldn't fix the damage. My abdomen is permanently misshapen. The contour is irregular & though stats say this only occurs in about 5-10% of people, I know someone who had the same procedure from a different surgeon & his results were not good either. We are often so beautiful/good looking to start with & ignorantly want to better/improve upon perfection, resulting in making us only want back what we previously had. Keep yourself as you are. I watched this because I was looking into getting my brows done. I thought long & hard (about 5 years) before getting lipo & it turned out like absolute rubbish. I'm into lipo $20,000USD & there is no more fixing what has been done. After watching your video, I'll pay the price for pencils. Forever. Period. My heart hurts for you seeing your photos because I see every day dissatisfaction in myself when I look in the mirror. You are gorgeous and perfect. <3 Stay that way & don't change anything anymore.

  19. Maggie says

    That’s the thing about Instagram results phots there’s no guarantee it’s their work.

  20. Liz East says

    Total waste of time. All she did was talk. Didn’t even show the “horror” eyebrows or lip tattoo. Besides a quick one second photo. Don’t waste time clicking this clickbait

  21. Liz East says

    Omfg you talk too damn much

  22. Kat Alday says

    Wow, lil girl, you are vain! Outter beauty is fleeting, but inner beauty is eternal & a hell of a lot sexier!

  23. sandra potter says

    Omg she went on way to much I don’t believe her there is nothing wrong with her eyebrows or lips,
    She said they messed my eyebrows up but she went back to get her lips done to the same place…….

  24. BB Ann says

    I own a beauty business and you can be assured I’ve never heard, seen or have any knowledge of you. Most businesses would or should do their upmost to help you. It saddens me greatly that people, nowadays, are so quick to slate businesses without first seeking the source from which they are unhappy with.

  25. Sandra DiBiaso says

    That happened to me as well. I was left with an orange streak after "the permanent eyebrow tattoo makeup" faded.

  26. Sandra DiBiaso says

    Did you file a lawsuit against the salon? They messed up so they should pay you back.

  27. preachersdtr1 says

    Stephanie Lange Okay, I enjoyed the video and you are blessed with naturally attractive features, but I have some questions (stick with me here, please?):

    1) Why would you think tattooing would restore the "fluffiness" of your teen years' pre-tweezing eyebrows? That would require restoration of the skin's scarred hair follicles' ability to generate new hair shafts. Plus, there are now mesh-based real hair, eyebrow wigs sold on the internet, which look totally natural in broad-open-daylight! (:

    2) Now, the irony here is, for me, that I was thinking all the way through the video, "Wow, she has gorgeous lips! The lady who did the corrections to the first shop's botches, really does great work! Stephanie got lucky! If my lips looked like THAT, I would be in HEAVEN!!!" Then, at the end, you say, "…but I still hate my lips!" What?! WHAT?!!! WHY?!?! Your lips are sheer PERFECTION!! If you want them a different color, simply use a "full-coverage" lipstick over long-lasting lip PENCIL; OR, use the lip pencil only, for the entire lip! I'm sure a truly Professional or Theatrical Make-up Artist could easily supply the answers/solution to that problem; and, God knows, there's a video on You Tube for everything under the bloomin' sun!

    I thank you, Stephanie, for being so open and honest about everything you did & did not do, and your reasons why & why not. I also think you owe the lady at the second shop a debt of gratitude. You look absolutely beautiful now, just as I suspect you did before starting all this – but I DO understand why you did it, Stephanie. I DO! I'm 78, now, and you cannot imagine how MUCH I wish I'd been brave enough to have breast augmentation surgery done when I was still young enough to be accepted as a candidate for the surgery (due to the age-related risk inherent in being under deep-sedation anaesthesia for a prolonged period of time, plus having a heart murmur. I still heal rapidly, tho', which is very positive). Look, you tried something which turned out to be not quite as advertised ("boo!" on first shop), but in the end you're still beautiful and healthy! God is good.(:

    (btw, the red you described from the first shop, actually shows up as a greasy bright blue-pink in the video, not red at all; but definitely not attractive, either. You look stunning in the color your lips are at the end of the video – loosen up, Steph, try more lipstick colors, etc – you're just a beautiful girl, face it! lol! Life is short, honey, never stop learning and trying new things, 'til the day you die. That's a huge part of making & keeping life fun and interesting – it really is what YOU make it. God bless you, and "keep on truckin,' Baby!" (: (: (:

  28. Gen GG says

    Yeah you look like crap

  29. aMeemsb says

    Yet your still using makeup to create your brows and lips. And took 18 minutes to say, Be sure to research the procedures for yourself and that it is a process that doesn’t always have the results you hope to reach.

  30. Sara Bement says

    Yap yap yap

  31. Sara Bement says

    What's gonna happen to all the girls with microblade eyebrows when super thin eyebrows go back in style…this is like a trend you can never undo.

  32. Meno Meno says

    Poor girl.. Sorry you had to go through this experience

  33. Emzie Lou Secrets says

    Moral of the story leave yourself natural.. what did you expect just leave your self the way it shoukd be.. this generation are very dim I'm not that much older than you but even I no I wouldn't let any needle near my face…can't believe the money you spent also there are more important things going on in the world in only here as my cousin is watching…

  34. Meg W says

    Moral of the story – just leave your face alone.

  35. Bailey de Ridder says

    she says one word.. subscribe

  36. alma barraza says

    Thanks to Madonna i have eye brows.. lol she was my idol as a kid..

  37. Lindsey Palmer says

    This video is good. Sounds like that shop wanted your $ and didn’t tell you what could possibly happen or that you weren’t a good candidate

  38. Heidi Hambrick says

    I think they did a horrible job! She has every right to be upset.

  39. colette s says

    her brows are too close together

  40. Angel Lady says

    They really messed up your eyebrows and lips, it seems like the tattoo artist was using CHEAP ink.

    She wasn't trained to do that or she did it on PURPOSE? Who knows.

    I would've asked for my money BACK as soon as she was DONE.

    Most of the pictures on Instagram are photoshopped.

    I NEVER believe everything I see on social media.

  41. Meagan G. says

    Sorry you had to experience this and your lip tattoo still bothers you. It is in infuriating and so frustrating when providers not only don't deliver but also do something that can't be reversed. Thank you for the warning.

  42. Te says

    I love the abundance of people that are awake and not showering her with compliments that feed her ego….rather…people are showering her with the truth of the severe low self-esteem this girl has.

    Like, please, girl…. take a BREAK from all this makeup and vanity. It's doing more damage than good. Can't you see??? It's not working out….just STOP!

  43. Cansu Bohl says

    What u Wear on ure Lips. The Color is beautiful

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