What does lion tattoo really mean?

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The lion is almost universally known as a beautiful animal, so it’s not surprising that it is one of the most popular animal tattoos around. On top of looking fantastic in tattoo form, there are also plenty of great lion tattoo meanings that work for many people.

The lion is a well-recognized animal and is often referred to as “king of the jungle”. These large, majestic felines command attention with their ferocious roars and extravagant mane. Even though we recommend finding a lion tattoo meaning that you can be proud of, we wouldn’t blame you for getting the lion tat simply because you love the look of the animal. It seems like a good amount of people who have lion tattoos got them for that exact reason.

When done correctly, lion’s head tattoo or a full-bodied lion can look excellent on the skin.

  1. Hector Pacheco says

    I’m Leo but literally don’t want a lion tattoo. I want Pisces


    Hey Jessus loves you never try to destroy any part of your body

  3. JMS For Life says

    I’m looking to get a lion face on my right hand, in regards to the Lion of Judah……, being Jesus and YHWH on my upper fingers

  4. Brolley Chan says

    Im a lion leo

  5. aakanksha singh says

    Leo ♌ ❤️

  6. DON JAE says

    On my left hand I will get the roaring lion tat..on my right hand I will get the calm lion..balancing ying n yang energies

  7. Datta sai yadav Suruboyina says

    I would like it on my abs

  8. Morgan Lemons says

    Do you choose your spirit animal or is it based on your traits

  9. Sachin Bhakri says

    A lot of Sikh men also get lion tattoos because the name Singh given to Sikh men has the meaning of a lion

  10. Unknown Splasha says

    Singh= lion

  11. Cyberdyne Systems says

    Buffalo are the underground kings;

  12. Sarah Xo says

    I really want one as a side boob tattoo. The meaning of strength is really important to me.

  13. meethed says

    The ones on the hand looked like shit!

  14. Stephen Walters says

    Definitely will be getting one as my first…..since I'm undecided about what tatoo to get

  15. Shamon Shaw says


  16. Angela Ly says

    No incorrect i was born in tha year of tha lion dumb ass bitch is all fake

  17. Monica Gallegos says

    this video is the reason i wont let just any artist tattoo a lion on me.

  18. Mr. Commenter says

    Justin Bieber got a lion tattoo too!

  19. murph murph says

    King of the jerk off jungle

  20. SNOOpi DoOPs! says

    Those are a lot of shitty lion tatts

  21. IJSKOUDE MELK says

    Imma fish

  22. Moutinho says

    what about the wolf tattoo?

  23. Maurits says

    1:00 uhhmmm the left one…

  24. Didi Koval says

    I love lion tattoos, they are gorgeous

  25. Der Reichsminister says

    I've been thinking about getting this http://www.mymilitaria.it/liste/images/usque1.jpg

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