Portfolio Peek – Big Gus

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SullenTV presents Portfolio Peek with Big Gus!!

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  1. Chris Wright says

    Hey my dude there's a tattoo expo up in Redding ca soon not sure how close you are to us but I'm going to be opening a shop soon and would love to meet you and get some pointers from you ive been tattooing for 14 years and am trying to sharpen my technical side of tattooing would love to here from you to see if my machines may be the problem thanks brother and love all your work.

  2. Your amazing..I'm almost 51 and I have a tattoo fro. 26 years ago that I would love to have you cover..I'm All the way over in Western ny..so it's only a dream. U look great, not "big" anymore.

  3. jayjayart1 says

    Hes always been one of my top 5 fave artists his style is unique! Every tat he does is insane! Good job guys love the portfolio peek videos!

  4. roger mendes tattoo says

    Big Gus

  5. Rey'Na Riggans says

    I love how real he is

  6. AOG says

    Oh shit i didnt know he got surgery hes all thin now good for him! But anyways amazing arte man i love those chicana tats and its true they're just too fun to do! Well I just uploaded my first youtube video and im showcasing my apprenticeship portfolio and id really appreciate if anyone could go check it out and leave some feedback/constructive criticism itd really help be out.

  7. CottonCandy Whisperer says

    He looks good after that surgery. I almost didn't recognize him.

  8. Bryan Shawn Films says

    Regular Gus Now
    Not big Gus anymore

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