Micro Realistic Tattoo: Technical Application – Flash Challenge | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

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This week, it’ll take the application skills of a true master to flawlessly apply every tiny detail of these micro realistic insect tattoos. Luckily, we have three Masters ready to handle the job. Every Tuesday 10/9C on Paramount Network!

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Three of the most skilled Ink Master winners return for a new season. But this time, they won’t battle alone. Instead, they’ll be coaching teams selected from some of the top tattoo artists in the country. The artists will be put through extreme challenges proving their skill and grit in an epic battle for $100,000 and the title of INK MASTER.

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  1. Ink Master says

    Welcome to the Ink Master channel! Subscribe for more exclusive Ink Master content: https://bit.ly/2UnXF24

  2. Chronic Fishing says

    Anyone gunna talk about that handshake?

  3. Shyohbi Xxx says

    Anyone know who won?

  4. Judson Swift says

    These guys can do flawless art on people’s bodies but can’t shake hands

  5. UNTOLD official YouTube says

    Anthony definitely won that one

  6. Lorraine Walls says

    Anthony looks live Dave East

  7. MeonProductions says

    Why didn't they do a front look of a mantis? They crouch and pounce, you don't have to do picture them rearing up all the time.

  8. ReactionAttraction says

    Praying mantis=fly

  9. Gene says

    Literally nobody:

    Canvas: I WANT A BEETLE

  10. Christian Paul Manuyag says

    Im against the fly one, the canvas asked for a praying mantis so they should give him a praying mantis, that is the whole purpose of the challenge

  11. Danae Pretortius says

    "my wife says dont uff up and dont shrink"
    dude she dont mean your tattoos

  12. MetalizedButt says

    Beetle one is the best

  13. MetalizedButt says

    He’s smart for getting a fly. He can add a huge praying mantis in the back in the future as one huge piece

  14. cindy sun says

    its kinda rude that they r calling the people " canvasses "

  15. Ryan Hofmann says

    DJ reminds me of frank iero

  16. Lunadog says

    chillin' punk kids: 0:39 right judge

  17. Rebecca Woodward says

    A praying mantis can be smaller than 2 inches. If they tried to give me a fly, I would have a fit.

  18. lucy says

    i’d want a butterfly

  19. DerUltner Lp says

    5:8 did he just commit a crime?

  20. Gav Tatu says

    nice….. i wanna see em in twenty years time.

  21. Kim Vargas says

    That’s so weird that someone would volunteer themselves to get a tattoo from them

  22. tim van den Boom says

    holly damn that guy looks like gerald green.

  23. Anne says

    Anthony seems like a real sweetie!

  24. MxEli41 says

    Only $100,000? Some jobs can earn that or more in a year

  25. Arshes Nei says

    I would get a tarantula hawk wasp.
    Cazadores from Fallout… yeesh

  26. Ab Lopez says

    6:25 we are doomed

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