This Customer Is REALLY Tucked In | Tattoo Fixers

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An inebriated trainee tattooist using you as a Guinea Pig: What could possibly go wrong?
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  1. Natalie A says

    The story he told was not completely true yes his ex done the tattoo her names jade but they were not drunk and he asked for the tattoo to be done she also dine one on my brother ad she done them in my sitting room! He and jade broke up as he came out as gay so the girlfriend thing is a lie also x

  2. PawProductions12 says


  3. Emma thomas says

    homer Simpson she is a recptionist

  4. maxxwhell Lomas says

    Is it just me who thinks sketch looks a little bit like Andy black

  5. KiraKOO says

    New favorite video on the internet

  6. Lee Ab says

    Is that a woman?

  7. Abbie Mur says

    Does this not look like niall horan in a wig…. no just me ok

  8. Herbert Longrod says

    What is a "Tahooo" and why do they only have black ink and make the problem 30 times bigger than it was..This program is a tattoo road accident..Who puts this shit on tv.?..

  9. Haste Designs says


  10. Sara Sas says

    God I love Jay

  11. Logie Logié says

    Actually Disgusting

  12. Ezra says

    "Coathanger. Pull it out" Sounds painful

  13. Red Wolf says

    F a k e

  14. Edits. _. says

    Hes wearing makeup and he has a gf

  15. Mbeepy says

    I'm genuinely wondering if you'd have to use a hoover to get them back out if they got stuck haha

  16. Kelly Tromans says

    str8 men so unaware of tucking…

  17. J Mclear says

    Their reaction to tucking is my favourite thing

  18. Samantha Jane says

    Haha I laughed so hard a
    at jay's and sketches reaction

  19. Maz the Moose says

    Sketch makes me laugh so much XD

  20. Molly Trego says

    I love this

  21. Jamie W says

    Never clenched my legs together so fast than when he said "coat hanger"

  22. Charlie's World says

    Oh my god.

  23. Chasity Cooper says

    This is the funniest video I have seen in a while… He's just so non chalant about stuffing himself with himself… I love it.

  24. Where's your granny orite says

    Anyone know what ep this is

  25. Homer Simpson says

    what is the purpose of that black girl on the show ??

  26. Caitriona Enright says

    Jays Reaction OMG Love this show xx

  27. cadarus cabdiraxmaan says

    i like this episode
    they fixe anything .

  28. xGhostSniper says

    what episode and season is thus

  29. paigeraeburn says

    I love tattoo fixers because I watch it every night it's on.
    And they do the Brett cover ups.

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