15 Craziest Face Tattoos!

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Craziest face tattoos ever! These are some of the worst and most extreme facial tattoo disasters. World’s worst tattoos ever! Huge epic fails!

Matt Gone
I wonder if this guy is a chess grand master and he uses this to intimidate other players.
A lot of people just have a random mix of tattoos so i will give this guy props for at least having a consistent theme. This is a man named Matt Gone who started tattooing himself because he had birth defects he wanted to cover up. Taking it to the next level he actually injected tattoo ink into his eye himself.

This guy might look like a big ol’ meanie but he‘s has F.U.N tattooed below his lips so do not be alarmed.

Old guy pure
Pure If there is any image of raw unbridled I think we’ve found it.

Ice cream cone
Ice cream cone on your face…hmm oh I get it you’re cool as ice but ice cube and ice t were already taken.. I guess Ice cream is the next best ice product.

Darth Vader
This guy has clearly gone to the dark side and with a big Darth vader on his face. There is no turning back now.. I guess he didn’t want to be too intimidating so he added the roses. I wonder if he has yoda on the other side?

Wait does this guy even have a face tattoo? Look closer.. This is like reverse lasik instead of never having to wear glasses again he’ll be wearing glasses for ever.

East side
I’m going to state the obvious here what happens when he moves to the west side of town? He’s sort of limiting his geographical options here

back face.
This one’s pretty ingenious. It’s got to be great wearing a hat and then just taking it off when you’re in line. Especially useful at the DMV.

Flag face
God bless your face sir. This guy is the living embodiment of ‘Merica. I salute you.

Casino carpet face
This is actually a pretty cool pattern.. I think it’s one of the more artistic patterns we’ve seen. It looks sort of Egyptian or like a casino carpet..

Sorry sir despite the suit and tie something tells me you’re not going to get the job.

Rick Genest
This is Rick Genest aka Zombie boy aka Rico the zombie.
this one’s actually pretty cool. At least if you’re going to get a face tattoo I say plan it out..
Interestingly he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor before he had any tattoos
Although I think This guy could make a great biology teacher he has been in Lady Gaga music videos, acted as a spokesperson for l’oreal and become the face of JZ’s rocawear in Europe

Vampire Lady
This is Maria Cristerna aka Vampire lady. What interesting here is that she experienced many years of domestic abuse. Besides working as a video jockey She now gives talks to women on domestic abuse.. You have to wonder if she transformed herself like this as a kind of protection and to make it so no one would want to even be near her. Interestingly she used to be a lawyer. I say she should have stayed a lawyer.

Cat man
This is Dennis Avner who was known as Cat Man. He preferred the name Stalking cat which was given to him by a native american medicine man.. He had extensive plastic surgery so he could look like a tiger. Some ask why and others ask why not. Probably should have stuck with why. Apparently he was of Native american heritage and his totem was a tiger so he was transforming himself to look more like a tiger.. In a *completely unforeseeable* turn of events He died alone in his garage at age 54… many suspect it was a suicide.

I’ll tell you one thing… this guy has … on his face. Well that’s a d on his face. You have to wonder what possesses someone to put a d on their face. And it looks like his face d has a prince piercing. I will give the guy credit for breaking new ground I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. I wouldn’t want to eat tuna sandwiches with this guy… You’ve got a little spot of mayo on your cheek there.. Or if you get into an argument with this guy.. dude I hate to say it but you’re being a total d.. and he’s like I know.

Do you have any tattoos?

  1. paparoni100 says

    i guess idiots are far more better.

  2. Kelly Greene says

    How can no. 1 every even pick up his kids at school or take his daughter to say ballet lessons??? How did he expect to live normal life with a penis on his face???!!!!

  3. Charlotte Jones says

    New way to be called a dick head. When you can't think of his name you just say Hay Dick Head come here.

  4. the54thfloor says

    Big ass Darth Vader ? Visual I could have lived without. Thanks. :

  5. steven herrold says

    15 times why would you go there ???????????? for some people being stupid is a full time hobby

  6. Bruno says


  7. When you decide you want to be unemployed for the rest of your life you get a face tattoo.

  8. Robert Hughes says

    Why would you put a dick on your face? MUST SUCK THEM

  9. Rocking in a free world says

    That last one. He is a knob head.

  10. Vlad Super says

    Долбонутые на всю голову… Однозначно

  11. Idrink Hennessy says

    #12 is Gucci Mane you cant say anything

  12. bailes sexy funki says

    el cara de pene me impacto mas
    y a ti cual

  13. Sanjit Tudu says

    So funny

  14. Avoidance Technologies says

    "People for whatever reason / reasoning, decided that… they liked where they were in their life and did whatever it took with tattoo's / tattooing, to make sure that happened".

  15. Juliano Maciel says

    O cara fez uma piroca no rosto kkkkkkkk

  16. LtCmdrMaximus says

    3:34 double heart attack lol what are you doinggg dreads? Lol

  17. Elvin Porcadilla says

    Ok I get it..

  18. Gấu TV says


  19. David Clifford says

    Mate – you need to do some more homework on your vids….

    Some of these tats are actually cultural tats…..

  20. Ronald Lane says

    New meaning to the term dickface.

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