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In this video, Jake Mitchell finally gets tattooed by Romeo Lacoste!

I got this tattoo to remind myself of what the ‘True Troopas’ and I have achieved together. Thank you so much for all of the support troops!

I will see you on Friday at 6PM!

Romeo’s Tattoo Studio:

  1. Angela Garibaldi says

    Never get homemade tattoo cause on my first tattoo was left with a lot of dots on my back thank god it was fixable also really never thought a out it,cause i was young and really wanted one, but later in life started geting more notice how they cleaned and disinfected it thank god never got infection .

  2. Jezz luke Bright says

    Sis say can't be still I will

  3. Jezz luke Bright says

    21 I want to get one

  4. Tia Evans says

    Where did u go to do it I'm after a tattoo

  5. La Irsan says

    Woahhh good ferry…..

  6. FeNzYs says


  7. Eduardo Mojica says

    I want a rose tattoo so bad on my wrist

  8. Aimi says

    I think tattoos is not good

  9. Fletcher Benson says

    Did it hert

  10. Nibedita Das says

    Oh I think that he was enjoying the pain. Well its good….

  11. Bobby P says

    If he wants to get rid of his tattoo he has to take it off by a laser that burns your skin

  12. ABK x Choppa says

    Really Good Really Good

  13. SKELLY OMG says

    wow its so coll haha (not)

  14. skull Peter says


  15. Ferryl Wynn says


  16. Nirupmaj Yadgygbav says

    it hurts

  17. لاتعليق بس اقول الحمد الله على نعمة الاسلام لو مو مسلم كان الان انا وأشم بس الحمدالله

  18. Roberto rug says

    Sub to my channel bro


    Ç'est Joli Ce Tattoo

  20. Homero simpson says

    Que es esa mierda

  21. Karl Axel says


  22. Kalley Kinson17 says

    Great video i might be getting one for my 18 birthday next year als great job trying to hold it in

  23. TNTminer 123 says

    Getting mY first tattoo next week! Can’t wait but it’s going to hurt like a bitch. Also isn’t the back ground music called NCS joystick?

  24. Skitt3n_ YT says

    If your a tattoo artist you've got to have some tattoos…

  25. AbinAnil Anil says

    How much

  26. Robyn Vasquez says

    it's crazy to think that romeo was a child predator. truely sad…

    Edit: IS

  27. GatoVerde TV says

    Bend your toes' bones and I swear, tatoos doesnt hurt ._.

  28. Opsap says

    Get one on your stomach please =]

  29. Turan Brunner says

    In 2 weeks I’m getting my first tattoo of my mother’s name

  30. Evelyn Lopez says

    welp romeo did this tat

  31. yin gyi says

    i think you r 16

  32. Zakaria Borai says

    Tatoo is not healthy for this idiot youwill lose a lot of blood and money for nothing

  33. Carlos Gonzales says

    I’m getting one of a marijuana leaf soon

  34. Harrypotter Gachacat says

    When his skin gets wrinkled it is just gonna look ugly no offense

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