Angelina’s Fiancé Will Never Forget She’s A ‘Dirty Little Hamster’ | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

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Watch as Angelina from ‘Jersey Shore’ and her fiancé, Chris, give each other tattoos that they’ll never forget.

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Hosted by Nico Tortorella and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, How Far Is Tattoo Far? puts relationships to the ultimate test of trust by asking pairs of friends, family members and couples to design tattoos for each other that won’t be revealed until after they’ve been permanently inked.

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  1. MTV says

    More from How Far Is Tattoo Far?…

  2. Sarah Sterly says

    You should invite Pauly d and Vince

  3. Jesse Alexander says

    This woman is fortunate… some women dont even experience being engaged once…

  4. Jesse Alexander says

    Skip leg day

  5. Erin Rose says

    Damn didn’t even recognize her she’s had so much work done.

  6. Sunny Flower says

    I would give my best friend a jar of fireflies with the words you light up my life

  7. BenefitMe1000 says

    Period shit? Wtf nah fam. NExT->

  8. Cool Pickle says

    I Bet she had jersey shore flashbacks while doing his tattoo.

  9. David Lopez says

    Get them back in, let's get her some dicks!

  10. J Lo says

    I love Italians

  11. iloveyouamberappel says

    Angelina has gotten wayyy to much surgery

  12. Koreli Ae Chan says

    they are cute xd

  13. Stangelle Charles says

    Dose snooki wear anything else Just asking

  14. Commentator541 says

    He fineeeee.

  15. Ashleigh Armstrong says

    am i the only one who literally can't get over the amount of work angelina has had done WOW

  16. Luis Calderon says

    Angelina is a slut!!!

  17. mindtos dk says


  18. mindtos dk says


  19. Michael Castillo says

    As many times she corrected him by saying period shit with a smile on her face proudly. Ugh, what a trashy piece of shit.

  20. Joseph Ramirez says

    Those fukn ugly ass lips!

  21. Bruce Fry says

    Angelina's wasn't so bad. It's also great to see that she and Snooki can bury the hatchet.

  22. Chris Studdard says

    These tattoo artists do terrible work

  23. Lilly Brown says

    They look related talk the same act the same prob shit the same

  24. Brian Ramos says

    bitches be crazy

  25. Counting till i die ÆØÅ says

    Who tf would be so stupid doing something like this

  26. bonnie duncan says

    isn’t it 3rd time’s THE charm?

  27. Krystal Villodas says

    I kinda like Angelina’s tattoo tbh

  28. Dream SQUAD says

    Can't you just pay like a lot of money to get it removed

  29. Alexa Skelley says

    Angelina reminded me of Ross from Friends

  30. Chance H says

    She got off easy…. I would be pissed if I was that dude.

  31. kittenheart says

    do straight people really use sex as a bargaining chip……wow

  32. Dr!!py_ 2k says

    I hate when girls be like "like im not giving you sex" Like we can't live without it straight Bs

  33. Saturn S says

    I’m not giving you sex that got him thinking real quick his tattoo what was that

  34. Marilyn Preston says

    Who else thought he put on her like if you did

  35. Aparajita Dubey says

    I love this show

  36. Steve Legend says

    What an ugly woman

  37. Sansa Winslow says

    So fake and horrible acting.

  38. Southside Serpent says

    Hamsters poo in little blobs smaller than any other animal poo. Not like the tattoo. Not only does he now have an awful tattoo, but it's also scientifically incorrect

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