My First Date Was A Fiasco – He Was A Creep!

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This is Sarah. Everyone says that there’s something so special about first dates, and it seems that we all get really worried before they happen. In Sarah’s case, she took it way too seriously and had the worst first date anyone could imagine!

She’s not sure how it happened, but Sarah missed the ‘first date bus’ when she was in her early teens. In addition to her studies, she has always been into a lot of different activities, like music, archery, and fencing. So she literally had no time for dating.

Archery and fencing seem like they would be good hobbies to help you meet a guy, right? But…not in her case. She was in a girls-only class for fencing, and the archery club had only two boys, both of whom were much younger than she was. It looked like statistics were playing a bad joke on her. She even tried approaching guys at school, but she was way too shy to show off like the other girls. So all the normal guys were quickly taken… but – you guessed it – not by her.

Compared to Sarah, Sheila (her close friend) was a real expert at dating. She analyzed her case and suggested going on a blind date to kick-start her new love life.

After a brief chat using a dating app, they scheduled a date for her for the following week with someone named Sean. Sheila had done this numerous times, so she gave her detailed instructions on how to act. First, she was supposed to make sure that the guy looked the same as on the dating app. As Sheila says, “The one who lies once will keep on lying.” Then Sarah was supposed to keep her distance, to let him know that she was interested in a long-term relationship. Third, she had to talk about guy stuff to keep him interested in the conversation. Luckily, she also watched football from time to time with her dad, so that didn’t seem like a problem. Finally, she was supposed to ask some questions to get to know Sean better.

It looked like she was 100 percent ready to charm Sean, but…on the big day, everything went wrong.

Sean looked pretty much like he did online, he was just…ummm…much less confident. She decided to take the lead and stretched her hand out for a hand shake…and almost hit Sean as he suddenly rushed to hug her. It was the most awkward hug ever! She hopes nobody saw it.

They walked to the park in COMPLETE silence. Soon, Sarah had lost any hope that Sean would start a conversation (Sheila said that a normal guy should be able to do that, so Sean got the second strike within the first ten minutes). She asked how Sean felt about the results of a recent football game. His answer surprised her a lot: Sean said that he didn’t like to discuss stuff like that. “Why don’t we discuss something more romantic, like The Mortal Instruments?” Seriously? If Sheila was there she would have given Sean his third and biggest strike. Sarah has nothing against The Mortal Instruments, or Twilight, or anything like that. It just seemed like a really girly book for a guy to be reading. So, she dropped the topic before it went too far.

Silence fell between them again. Sarah was becoming more and more certain that her first date was about to fail. But this was just the beginning.

Sarah gave Sean one last chance to make up for everything he’d got wrong, and asked about his hobbies. For a moment, he looked really inspired, as if he had remembered something that could possibly save the situation. He opened his backpack…“Maybe, he has a present for me?” she thought. He looked inside, but then acted like he was hiding something from her, and quickly zipped it back up.

She assumed Sean had forgotten about her question, because he suddenly started bombarding her with his own ones. He didn’t really listen right to the end of her answers either, and it seemed more like an interrogation than a conversation. She was getting nervous, and Sean was approaching the tenth-strike mark after which, according to Sheila, she could leave the date without any excuses.

Finally, she must’ve passed the interview, or maybe Sean just ran out of questions, and she started trying to figure out a good excuse to leave, when he suddenly asked if she wanted to have lunch. She said yes, with basically no enthusiasm.

By the time they got to the pizza place, her unfortunate boyfriend for the day had become very pale. A nice interior and the tasty smell in the air had her believing that some pizza might be able save her first date from being THAT bad. Their order was served, but Sean didn’t touch the food. His face was still very pale, then he began to turn almost green. “Are you ok?” Sarah asked him. With a smile, Sean assured her that he was fine and went to the bathroom.

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  2. Zora Marie Diffidil Love says

    ok but like your the loser??

  3. That girl R.B says

    Am I the only one who is offended by the fact she gave him a strake for talking about something “girly” wow

  4. Laje Benjamin says

    Girl so … you didn’t like him because he was a good person.

  5. chicken or noob says


  6. Disaster Master says

    My first date me and this girl where going to eat ice creams and the she cancer on me became she had to do some that day but we reduced

  7. Dhelwyn jardin says

    Oh —-
    Bad move mentioning Twilight. Harry potter fans wont be happy…

  8. Peacock babies nursery 01 says

    The girl treated him horribly! He deserves better he wasn’t even a creep

  9. Audelia Althea Isa Valencia says

    The Mortal Instruments is awesome you uncultured sexist Mundane!!!!!

  10. Glen Coco says

    Sean is really Ron from Kim Possible… anybody else see that?

  11. Sarah ZHelper says

    Did he say something wrong when he said he didn't want to talk about football? I know a lot of boys who like the mortal instruments, so I don't know what era this girl is from.

  12. Yersinia Pestis says

    He seems really nice. You just seem rude and judgmental.

  13. Yersinia Pestis says

    Is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable ?

  14. Zoey and Lilly says

    I thought she was lesbian from the thumbnail

  15. mj kim says

    so why do they look like kim possible and ron stoppable

  16. Pixelated Remix says

    Well.. dident’ you also completely mess up the date as well

  17. Lucid_Ninja- X says

    Wow my name is sean

  18. SUSHMA REGMI says

    Um so how is he a creep?

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