Tattoo Enthusiast Reacts To Tattoo Fixers

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Hey Guys!!

In todays video I react to a UK tattoo TV show called Tattoo Fixers. I have made two videos in the past about this tv show and its controversial ways!!

Tattoo Fixers Video 1 :

Tattoo Fixers Video 2 :

Tattoo Enthusiast Reacts To…. Playlist here (ive done a few more) :

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  1. Jasmine Taylor says

    As someone who has studied fine art, that skull is OFF

  2. Starsies Skygames says

    (not saying the skull is good.) But I do see the dementions. It's looking to the sides and up. That's why it's not 100% symmetrical. (Also.)

    When a person lays down like that. It stretches the tattoo. Making it look a little wonky. But easier for us to work with. (I'm a tattoo apprentice uwu and I just started tattooing people.) That skull still isn't accurate.. the teeth .-.

  3. Em 12344 says

    I only like the first video because they used a song of Miles Kane and he's one of my favorite artist haha.

  4. Princedorkface says

    i may be wrong, but I don't think the skull one is supposed to be symmetrical because it doesn't look like a straight on view. it looks like he purposefully rotated it slightly

  5. BEHINDTHESUN33 says

    They can't even draw anything good. Hah

  6. Khloe Sandoval says

    Those are so shitty omg

  7. Vanessa Lee says

    i feel bad saying this but i don’t understand the reasoning behind the last two tattoos. like they have this elaborate story but it just doesn’t make any sense??

  8. remixthedragon says

    First video starts at 5:22

  9. Kendal Warren says

    I'm usually liking the original tattoos more haha

  10. BlueSkyes17 says

    I think it is hilarious that the client felt that the original tattoo was bad luck due to the number 13 specifically, and after their first session you could still see the 13 haha.

  11. Matthew Pool says

    If anyone wants to see really good cover ups, I reccomend the show America's Worst Tattoo.

  12. Samantha Ellis says

    Have you ever watched Tattoo Nightmares? I would love to see you reaction to it versus this!

  13. Mag -narwhal says

    the cover up could be an eagle with its wing spread or something it dosent need to cover his lower back

  14. Cécile G.M. says

    OMG I've watched this video a few weeks ago and this morning I saw my sister watching the show (and we don't live in the UK, it's also broadcasted in France). I had never watched the show itself, only your video, but it was enough to know that it is just BAD. So I directly told her that this wasn't a good show and it wasn't a good representation, ans so I watched a little bit of it with her to show her what's so wrong about this show. I think in the span of 20 minutes they covered 4 tattoos: every single one of them were small faded line work tattoos and were covered with huge dark pieces that were 4 times as big as the original. I mean, one of them was so faded we couldn't even see it at all and they put a huge lion head covering the guy's whole bottom left part of the abdomen. They also did a matching tattoo for 2 sisters (I don't think it was a cover up, but I didn't see the beginning) which was them facing back inside a pink heart and the heart wasn't even symmetrical. It just shocks me how not one of them is good, and still that's what they show to the public, who mostly think that THIS is good tattooing…

  15. Charlotte C says

    React to ink master!! ❤️

  16. Charlotte Hibbard says

    I really recognise that woman with the Ian Beale tattoo and idk where from ☹

  17. THEO says

    The guy in the middle looks like Dennis from it's always sunny

  18. UrMom DotCom says

    The friday the 13th game is so fun. I know that's irrelevant but still :p

  19. I have No soul says

    Wait so they covered up bad luck with the Yama , A FUCKING DEVIL, yup cover Jason with the devil,fuck off bro

  20. Elizabeth Nicole says

    I really think this dude should have just gotten that removed….. it was just faded lines …. I’m stressed

  21. sejbomb says

    A back piece in one session? :/ not ideal either?

  22. CrazyCanadainCatCuddler says

    I believe that tattoos can be an amazing expression of things that are important to you

  23. Icie Henry says

    The Ian Bill finished tattoo gave me a blood pressure headache

  24. Emily Gaynier says

    I don’t like how the artists are like “rEaLy?!” when the people need to tap out. I realize it’s fake, but when my tiny bumblebee tattoo caused enough pain for a breather, my artist was happy to give me a 5 minute break

  25. mary helen Cook says

    I just watched this video of your this is not the worst tattoo show I shaw I saw a tattoo show on MTV tattoo us to me is the worst for 2 people going to get a tattoo both have to tell a tattoo artist the kind of tattoo the other is to get and then when they get it dun they are blind fold to and when they look at the mirror to see it it's crap and that is not great I do love a USA show ink master and ink master redemption to yes they get it rong to but I have love some of the work in that show I loved London ink and kat von work and I love miami ink and new York ink to I allso like to watch tattoo girls on the TLC channel in the UK I love some of there work to I have saw bad shows to tattoo fixers is not the worst I saw but I did not like the MTV one I have just said I love to see ink master UK thou to see UK artists and to see them get a chance of being asked to go to a top artist to train them for a year as a prize that wood be so cool I have one tattoo myself a dog and Barry the artist that did it was so nice and so kind it was my first tattoo and I was so nervous to he put numeing cream so I could stand it thats how kind he was but he don't do tattoos now he took a stroke and had to give it up and his shop what a bummer as I wanted a rabbit Barry had meant to do one for me but his illness stopped that I have yet to find an artists just as good as he but I am still looking I am I don't like big tattoos for myself just small and girly ones and feminine my one is a tattoo of my springer spaniel Rhys with his favret toy bone he is no longer with me and I miss him dearly my tattoo will help me to cope with my loss of him and Barry did a good job I love it

  26. Ms. Melissa Ann says

    I'm getting my first tattoo by an artist highly recommended in my location in Taiwan. She took my idea and made it gorgeous.
    She does a lot of cover ups, re works and scar covers. To my novice eye, her tattoos look great, and she's a real artist, she did a tribal over a scar and it looks amazing to me.
    On Facebook search 台南精艷紋身 I'd love for you to have a look at her work!

  27. Colour of Sulfur says

    Terrible show, but the pixies song in the first one makes me hate them less lol

  28. Eva-Marie/Wrixx says

    I don't get why they need to insert shots of him in fake pain xD

  29. Molly The person says

    You should never leave a tattoo shop knowing you need to cover up your cover up

  30. Guiser Gestalt says

    The most fucked up part of the show is how the tattoo artists are making more money and getting exposure from the show even though alot of the tattoos end up looking sub-par. It's less like fixing the tattoo and more like putting a bandage on it and saying "jobs a good'n", i stopped watching the show after a few episodes due to the cringe i would get seeing the coverups…

  31. Rebecca Shifflet says

    Seriously the Friday tattoo should have been laser treated. That cover up was wayyyyy worse! horrible composition horrible subject matter and it just stretched a bad tat over more of his back

  32. JP3 says

    -i hate fake bullshit
    -omg somebody pray for me i might die

  33. Nisa NPA says

    We have a version of this show in France. And the artists are actually REALLY GOOD ! I was shocked after watching the French version and after the UK version ! The tattoos are really bad on the uk show 🙁

  34. Molly Owen says

    Fun fact: one of the tattoo artists (Jay) went to my high school and nearly everybody in my area agrees he’s an average/kinda crap tattoo artist.
    He came back to my school and came in my maths class, he seems nice but I don’t know why he’s “one of the UK’s best”

  35. kiaora224 says

    That sheep tattoo looks better than the coverup

  36. E.H. Indigo says

    There was actually a case against Sketch in 2014 (or was it 2016) when various tattoo artists started realizing he was taking their work, copying it and using it for these cover-ups. I did a lot of research during that time when his Snapchat, Instgram, Facebook Page and Twitter were still active – and compared the work to the originals. He has no talent or concept for design and placement. It bothers me so much because there were actually people who complained about Sketch's work givng them scars or making it impossible for them to cover up other scars because he went too deep with the needle and he has no concept of saturation or quality.

    I am very anti Sketch as you can see. I do think this other two actually has some talent – but it's so cringey to me.

  37. TheDiabeticBiker says

    I love watching Tattoo Fixers just to see a) how bad the original tattoos are and b) how bad the fixer version is. Rarely do you look and go oh that's really good. They are far too big for what's needed, if you want a massive tattoo then that's cool, your choice. Majority of the time you can still see the original tattoo, I know you can't always hide dark bits well in colour but these guys are supposed to be "the best". Best of a bad bunch maybe. And another thing, why are they colouring/shading without doing the line work first?

    Anyway, loving these reactions! I'm off to watch some more.

  38. heidinen says

    I can't imagine anyone finishing a backpiece in one day. I sat in for 4½h for an upper arm tattoo.

  39. Jasmin R says

    poor uk tattooers that have actual talent, it must suck to have tattoo culture be represented on tv by these scratchy tattooers. ugh

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