Tattoo Fixers cast: Who is Alice Perrin? Reality TV star and professional tattooist

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Alice became a TV sensation when she replaced Lou Hopper in season two of Tattoo Fixers.The 26-year-old appears alongside co-artists Jay Hutton, Stephen “Sketch” Porter and receptionist Paisley Billings. they want to have transformed into unique pieces of art.Alice has become somewhat a reality sensation, with fans loving her hilarious TV moments.One fan wrote on Twitter: “I just love how honest Alice is! Doesn’t matter how embarrassing it is she says it, cracks me up.”Another simply wrote: “Alice, you are fab.” Who is Alice Perrin?The talented tattoo artist is originally from Hereford, a picturesque city in Herefordshire.She still lives there with her mum, dad, little brother and bunnies Ethel and Martha.From when she was a small girl she always wanted to be a tattoo artist.She set out to fulfil her dream by juggling an apprenticeship while saying a BA in Fine Art at Hereford College of Art. Revealed: The SHOCKING Magaluf holiday tattoos you wouldn’t want your mum to see! We’ve all been there: got drunk on holiday and ended up with a Mr Potato Head tattooed on our bottom. These punters show off the worst tattoos Magaluf has to offer 1 / 15 Instagram Not only this, but at the same time she also worked part time as a carer for the elderly to earn some cash.The dedicated artist shockingly said she was “averaging 3 hours sleep for months. So much so that my eyelashes fell out”.Her hard work and dedication eventually paid off, and she became a full-time tattoo artist at Dermagraphica in Hereford.The Tattoo Fixers star has been helping people cover their botched inkings since 2015.The producers of the show found her through Instagram, and after a Skype interview, being filmed at the studio where she works and a screen test she got the job. Inked up babes rock the London Tattoo Convention Inked up babes rock the London Tattoo Convention 1 / 14 Alamy Babes pose at the annual International Tattoo Convention in London She says she loved the challenge doing a coverup gives.Alice knows the pain her customers are going through, as she has three coverups herself.When not appearing on Tattoo Fixers, Alice still works at Dermagraphica with two friends.She describes the two guys she works with as “dad” like figures.She said: “The two guys I work with are like cute dads who think they’re cool. “They look out for me and they’ve taught me so much.“I am so grateful to be in such a positive and welcoming environment.”Alice has a unique, sophisticated style specialising in bold, bright Neo Traditional designs.She praises herself in crating art “that people’s mums would like”.During her time on the show Alice has revealed a lot about her self, including her phobia of bananas and her childhood as a ballet dancer. Related articles

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