‘Drug Addict Scorpion Tattoo’ | Tattoo Nightmares

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Rating: 3.36 – View Time: 2:15 Minutes

In this episode of Tattoo Nightmares, Jasmine is tasked with covering up a terrible tattoo that reminds a patron all about her meth-addicted ex-fiance, who stole all of her grandmother’s jewelry. Tune into Tattoo Nightmares Tuesdays at 11/10c only on Spike.

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Docu-reality series “Tattoo Nightmares” takes a closer look at “tattastrophies” and the genius work of cover-up artists who fix them. Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez are among the most revered cover-up artists in the business, and they employ their years of experience to undo their client’s ill-conceived tats. Watch as they work their magic and turn “disasterpieces” into new works of art.

  1. HK says

    Jasmine did my friend’s tattoo. Apparently she’s as kind and gentle irl as she is on the show

  2. Dave Lee says

    My heart goes out to this lady. I've been "taken for a ride" by a meth addict who claimed to be a close friend. This person ended up stealing my daughter's Christmas presents, unwrapped and still under the tree btw, and also many other despicable acts while claiming true friendship. Unfortunately, the drug takes over and its the drug people talk to, or interact with daily, NOT the one fighting for their lives.
    Such a heartbreaking story, i pray that you're doing better today.

  3. rick sanchez says

    this is retarded.

  4. be fokkinhappy says

    I want to kill myself after seeing that bad acting..

  5. Sergeant Pugsly says

    The reenactments tho

  6. Shibbitybop 25 says

    Spend all this money and time on reenactments but can’t show the actual fucking tattoo

  7. Rich711 says

    I hope that tattooist is doubled up on gloves cause that skank definitely has STDs.

  8. Catherine Verret says

    The jump cut sound is painfull T_T

  9. Mr. Snek says

    The reenactments are 10/10 sarcasm

  10. Bethany Cuenca says

    When u have so many dislikes that it's almost half it's a sign..

  11. Jesus is Fake says

    Both of them are dumb lol

  12. Che Mac says

    God the acting is fucking abysmal

  13. k c says

    How do you not know that your fiancee is a raging meth addict? Me thinks she had a lil speed demon in her too

  14. Wasli bin Dros says


  15. sandeep mishra says



    Cute morne

  17. Omkar Shukla says


  18. Eberechukwu Eziukwu says

    Nigeria movies

  19. Hakizimana Med8 says

    inkuru yumukobwa utabona

  20. Khalid Slmn says


  21. Faruk Tastekin says


  22. Manfred Kopp says

    Bitte auch in Deutsch

  23. Eleonora Sumar says


  24. Soltanbek1975 sulimen says


  25. Mad213 says

    I will NEVER watch this show because of this shitty fucking reenactments I mean come on what the fuck is that ?

  26. Thiru Moorthy says


  27. CosmicVoyager says

    Never leave your heirlooms out in the open. Hide it, or put it in a deposit box at the bank. Those items as shitty as they can be are priceless!

  28. Greek Geek Glam says

    Every time I hear that screech sound I think of porgs lol. Is it just me?

  29. AKM 159 says

    That sounds is absolutely disgusting and fucking annoying. Awful

  30. Rosalie Giunta says

    Did they tell the girl that they were going to do such a horrible reenactment? They made her look so dumb.

  31. Jayne Haubner says

    The re-enactment was dumb but I feel bad for her


    This show always portrays the idiot with the tattoo as a victim. That's what you get for looking for free an cheap tattoos I hope you get a disease and your skin rots off. This show and ink master redemption are creating a bunch of entitled tattoo brats who blame everyone but themselves for their shitty decisions.

  33. Not Tfue says

    I cringe at the cringlyness of the fake acting. I genuinely made me want to die.

  34. Sophie N says

    The reenactment was stupid as hell omg

  35. Kimidog says

    They had to have proof with him, family members must have known him, the engagement ring, where he bought the tattoo machine, fingerprints all over the house, he had to sign somewhere to buy the house. . .

  36. Ezzie Eve says


  37. Scarlet Squig says

    Wtf is that horrendous transition sound!!!!?

  38. Tyler says

    How to propose: be woman to me

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