i tried giving myself semi permanent freckles and now i wanna cry

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WELLLLLL, sometimes I make bad decisions. this was one of them.
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lova yaaaa my lil potatoeeeees
#freckles #fakefreckles #henna

  1. Ayse Sheen says

    Du siehst aus als hättest du eine botox Behandlung gehabt HHAHAHAHA

  2. chimmythewriter says

    any armys out here ???
    leave a like if you are…
    it is so funny that where ever i go on the internet, i find you guys everywhere..and it fucking makes my day realizing how big of a fandom we are !!!!!!!

  3. Rosee Msp Welt says

    Ich finde es so toll das ich auch das deutsche verstehen kann xD haha #Deutschland

  4. amelia :D says

    Bist du deutsch haha ?

  5. Sierra & Hannah Richards says

    Hena isn’t permanent

  6. Paule pu says

    Zitrone und Zucker

  7. Private One says

    Beauty should be being one's self. Permanent make up to please others, shows only concern toward others, not one self. Let's help our children accept loving themselves the way they are and any time that they change their natural appearance is to please themselves and not the public. Regarding language. Coursing, while communicating only denotes disrespect toward others. RESPECT begins from one's inside. Love oneself. Respect oneself.

  8. Karl-Heinz Lasserre says

    Sieht aus wie Pipi langstrumpf

  9. Florian Henkemeier says

    Aber… ich… ich meine warum

  10. Lynn Dathe says

    Ich habe sommersprossen.. und ich hasse sie

  11. ScallopYT says

    I’ve never seen uglier hair color

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