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Today I’m talking about my horrible eyebrow experience!
This explains why I’ve been gone for so long!
Please be careful if your thinking about getting your brows tattooed!

Thank you so much for watching and understanding.
Any video suggestions leave your comment below! 🙂

Love you guys x

  1. L S says

    Most photos on Instagram are Photoshoped

  2. mega lodon says

    read the Quran and what it says about tattoos and women who have tattoos and the woman who put Tattoos on people

  3. mega lodon says

    you should get the rest of those disgusting tattoos taken off

  4. Claudia Pinilla says

    I've done my eyebrows (Nano needle tattoo) 5 months ago they are faded already… If anyone is thinking their with this technique DON'T!!!

  5. alka deshmukh says

    My advise is DON’T DO IT. I paid triple amount and still bad job.

  6. Debbie's World says

    Same experience….I'm in the middle of the removal…..

  7. Jolita Tamosauskaite says

    I am semi permanent make up artist and she did your eyebrows really bad.omg horrible work.
    How she can work like this

  8. L. Kala says

    Do you have any videos of your brow removal?

  9. Karen Padilla says

    I made microblaiding too, and I have the same problem , I life in USA and I’m looking everyday for a good place to removal because I’m afraid to damage more my eyebrows , please tell me wich place you made your eyebrows I will aprecciate

  10. Heydi Valladares Alvarez says

    Hi! My name is Heydi Alvarez (facebook) please can you tell me how you got your eyebrows tatto removed.. I have my eyebrows microblaned and they look UGLY.. I am very sad about it!

  11. pmu worldwide says

    Hi. Ariel, please can you drop me an email i am writing a blog on Microblading disasters and would like to talk to you about your experience. many thanks Lola

  12. Blake Alexandra Shipley says

    I totally understand. I worked at a med spa Summer of last year and I had recently just heard about microblading. The lady I worked for claimed she was certified in permanent make up. I acted too fast because the idea of never having to draw on my eyebrows again thrilled me. Part of my benefits working there was her doing them for free (red flag). I really wish I would have researched it more and thought it through because I wanted thin lighter brows because my hair is blonde. She drew a design that I thought I would be cool with because it looked well shaped and well done. But as soon as the procedure was over I had these two huge extremely dark fuzzy caterpillars on my face! Way too thick. I cried my eyes out and quit my job which was a mistake because, A year later I am in the process of still trying to save up to have them laser removed although they have gotten better I have bleached them a couple of times with that Sally Hansen bleach which has made me feel better. But I feel like my confidence level is totally shot now so I have to go to extra miles to cover them up until I can afford to get them removed. I definitely feel your pain.

  13. Libby zoltani says

    Did they have to shave your hair off to do the laser removal I need to get mine off but they keep saying I need to shave my eye brows off and I cannot do that!!

  14. 7.756.935 says

    Thank you for posting this and telling us about your experience. Im going stay to my routine; I'm dying my eyebrows and then filling them in with a pen. I was thinking about microblading, but after this, NOPE.

  15. Erika St says

    It happened to me, I was so upset!

  16. bruna fernandes says

    you removed whith acids or laser?

  17. Tamara Almeida says

    I’ve been looking at getting my brows removed and would love to know where you went and how you got rid of them. Do you have any details you can share?

  18. Olg Graco says

    Es una lástima que no tenga subtitulo para entender al 100 el video, me interesa mucho saber su experiencia de quitar el tatuaje

  19. Alixson VV says

    Did you do the eliminink tattoo removal? Laser? Tell us please. I had the same experience and still have the problem. I have done 2 session of the eliminink tattoo removal, but the result was not the same as you have.

  20. Jacqueline Rodriguez says

    Where did you get the laser ? I’m in the same struggle !

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