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DUMBEST TATTOOS EVER! Have you ever seen a really dumb and bad tattoo? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notification! CHEAPEST COUPLE EVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgNaEhCleAY

  1. SSSniperWolf says

    which one is the dumbest/worst tattoo?

  2. mikeupsh2 says

    the one that is so dumb to get a 3th nipple so dumb
    # love you SSSniperwolf and you are so cool

  3. Hughes Michael says

    Yes there is being born

  4. Natasha Van Doore says

    Leah you should reacts to MTV how far is tattoo far

  5. Emily Wible says

    The bagel one

  6. Sunset Skies says

    man people are dumb these days

  7. Dafney Yondjou says

    I'm not allowed to get one because my Mom says it would look gross while I'm older

    But if I were to ever going to get a tattoo I would get one that puts the date of when my father died.

  8. Caroline Botha says

    Yep, 4 and no spelling mistakes. Yey me 🙂

  9. Leah Dearancat says

    U no rite u iz left

  10. Suzanne Braley says

    Can I have your number ps it’s a girl

  11. Gabriella Bellamy says


  12. Abby Stephens says

    Tattoos have to be meaningful these are just stupid

  13. Deshera Dickerson says

    My Daughter love your video

  14. Tianna’s World says

    My cousin loves to draw but she goes through 10,000+ pieces of paper a year so she said I’m not going to waste trees/papers so my cousin said every time i want to draw ima tatoo my self instead

  15. Parisa Aghaie says

    The nothing lasts forever one would have been hilarious if there was a iron next to it

  16. gamer boy says
  17. Jacquenisha Carter says

    I speak French and English and Mandarin Chinese and Japanese

  18. MicrowaveOven111 Aka Kaia says

    When I grow up I’m going to get I like cheese tattooed of my shoulder in Japanese

  19. Benny Lopez says

    You are my favorite person in the world.

  20. A. L. Martinez says

    The look at this photograph is just, hahahahaha but the spank me daddy is REDICULIOUS.

  21. Youtube says

    great videos

  22. rainbow kity unicorn says

    Are we not gonna talk about how it said James at the bottom of that Word search

  23. Jordan Marheine says

    2019 anyone????

  24. Alannah Jones says

    With the brenda tattoo if they brack up he could just say ant the end sucks

  25. Moon Shiner says

    we have the same hat!!!

  26. Haven Wilson says


  27. dayln Scrubs says

    Some people look like coloring books

  28. Tropic Gacha says

    What if he…
    Broke up with Brenda
    There goes a couple thousand dollars

  29. ohnoheded Ohno says

    me: sees burger me: gets pickle burger me:sees hotdog me: gets triggered me: likes ketchup with almost everything me: *Dies*

  30. lukman usman1978 says

    Omg if that was meh boi I'll get a poo tattoo even gooder

  31. night stare805 says

    I still like the doodle bob lmao

  32. Braylin Nichols says

    For fathers day i gave my dad a painting that says " ANY MAN CAN BE A FATHER BUT IT TAKES SOMEONE SPECIAL TO BE A DAD"

  33. noodle snake says

    The family as everything it was family is everything

  34. Kaylee Cline says

    Did anybody else notice that the third to last tattoo says ‘possibliities’

  35. Patience Adeleye says

    My name is Patience

  36. Agata Kittenlord says

    My mom has one tattoo and my sister has 4

  37. {*Gacha Dragon*} says

    0:33 creeped me out because my name is Brenda

  38. Phoenix Gray says

    Did anyone else see the word James on the e last row in the crossword?

  39. Gia Rose says

    Soy estupida

  40. Olivia Day says

    Nickel back causes brain aids

  41. Cameron Terwin says

    i want spank me daddy ironically

  42. Ava Hebert says

    I think the hamburger is a girl saying no pickles and pickle singing stick and the hotdog is a boy and no ketchup because the girls have their. And. Blood so obviously ketchup stands for the. Which stands for a woman

  43. Budda900 says

    What ever floats your boat is a game on Roblox

    plz tell me if i used the wrong your 🙂

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