Tattoo Nightmares: F*** Love

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No one gets a tattoo out of anger, right? Wrong. When this guy’s girlfriend gets a little too frisky with someone else at a party, he knows then and there what he wants inked across his belly.

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  1. Danny Gonzalez says

    Who's this in the video

  2. Danny Gonzalez says

    This you

  3. Danny Gonzalez says

    Was this I lilb100

  4. Snowdrop snow star says

    I almost was going to get something like this out of anger

  5. redbullskater0 says

    girls r hose.

  6. Djarra says

    They wear the same clothes all the time for continuity. Some of the tattoos take several sittings, and they film them in blocks so it's easier if they wear the same clothes all the time. My guess is Jasmine likes that type of shirt but I don't get why the production didn't get some 'Tattoo Nightmares' shirts made up for the artists to wear.

  7. MrDJFlyHi says

    Great idea…bad execution….

  8. asdlom says

    What's the episode with the guy with the four fake nipples?

  9. David Estrada says


  10. Louise Clarke says

    That is closer to a pentacle than a pentagram, but it is missing the circle around it (for either). Saying it is a pentagram as opposed to saying it's a pentacle is the same as saying an upside down cross is the same as a right side up cross.

  11. Samantha Persey says

    Can someone explain why the 3 artists wear the same clothes on every episode whats the point of that jasmine's shirt is horrible n she wears it on every episode

  12. mig0824 says

    Pinche Pizzaron! U should of covered up the star tattoos u have on ur lower back lol! My homeboy!!!

  13. MizterOrtiz says

    Record this stupid show and spike doesn't start that shit at the right time so it ends up cutting off all the ends of them… They need to get it together

  14. URanInTheUglyForest says

    I wanted to see the repair job.

  15. EGHSRC says

    You don't have to censor fuck, this is Youtube.

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