30 Hilarious Eyebrow Fails That Will Make You Cringe

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Too short, too long or too weird ? Meet some eyebrow shapes that are just wrong. Here ve have 30 exemples of the most hilarious eyebrow fails that will make you cringe for sure .
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  1. PewDiePies Dingleberries says

    0:42 lady lookin like spock

  2. Raylai Baday says

    Include Madam Kilay she's a vlogger with a weird kilay and very famous in Philippines hahaha!

  3. Suenette Edwards says

    So much wrong….. so little time.

  4. Susan B says

    00:53 Was obviously a pirate.

  5. Miss Jae says

    Is it me or do most of these look Photoshopped?

  6. Linda Crowe says

    a bunch of freaks

  7. Susan Fisher says


  8. Cleopatra Helf Helf says


  9. Smitten Kitten says


  10. Soul Music 16 says

    It looks like some of these pictures are for Halloween . I could be wrong???? LMAO

  11. Nunya Me says

    Just…wow. aliens ARE amoung us

  12. Patsy Huff says

    Certain parts of New York no one will notice

  13. Jeanne Fiddler says

    After watching all these guys i dont feel so bad b/c i dont keep at mine at least mine are ok.

  14. Cosmo says

    Getting personal Protection Officers , for my children…..

  15. laurie amador says

    omg so weird wowwww

  16. robbie davis says

    It's great when someone is naturally extremely unattractive and then they do additional things to their face to make themselves even more ugly. Love it

  17. Irene Madan says

    Nike brows?seriously?

  18. Toni Pope says

    Wow Spock, Grouch Marx and a few other stupid! You should have used "Paint it Black " for the music tho!! Lmao!

  19. Lisa Currier says


  20. Gabi Remmers says

    lol.they have no mirror??

  21. Debbie Goble says

    Good belly laugh

  22. Pete Darby says

    W T F! Do none of these people have family & friends to tell them they need to fix that mess?

  23. Laraine B says

    To those who had them tattooed… .what were you thinking! They are forever! What you love in your 20's,you'll hate in your 40's and beyond.

  24. Gloria Roder says

    Nothing wrong with that every one of us think we cute in our own way.bring it on.

  25. Anime iscool says

    I'm scared .-.

  26. The Unsalted says

    1:14, unibrow AND mustache

  27. Bell Lock says


  28. star roche says

    Eyebrows are weird anyway…

  29. Crystal Roderick says

    Had to turn the volume off cuz of that annoying music!!!

  30. Crystal Roderick says

    OMG that's just plain ridiculous!!!!

  31. Try it hard says

    1:52 is Nice

  32. Try it hard says

    Madonna Daughter is Nice

  33. Teresa Kemp says

    Loved the mono brow one thing tho how long has hammer horror been making a comeback.

  34. Silver Chopsticks says

    Why? JUST, WHY???!!!

  35. Breanna Fry says

    The one girl it wasn't even just bad eyebrows it was her WHOLE head

  36. CaffieneBrat says


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