America’s Worst Tattoos

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  1. LazarBeam says

    warning guys there is a back-butt in this video

  2. Elijah Curry says

    You should call the learning channel the learning beam

  3. mrBrownieboii says

    he literally tattooed Yeet on his wrist

  4. diablo says

    I'm from the future lazarbeam and get two tattoos one is code Lazar and the other is yeet

  5. BossBaby N Bro says

    TLC= The Lazarbeam Channel. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Josephine Tatasciore says

    Piz kill me

  7. Spurs says

    Time to add lazarbeam new yeet and code Lazar tattoos he recently got

  8. Noah Cook says

    my dad got a camel on his toe

  9. Ninja jr. Malone says

    Six eyes

  10. TikTokMeme Overlord says

    If you guys are like 8 or 9 hours ahead of us why did you not warn us about 9/11 you fucks

  11. Mello Halo says

    The learning beam

  12. Flamingskull 87 says

    Lazarbeam in 2018: Worst tattoos ever

    Lazarbeam 2019: Yeet

  13. prince vegeta says

    Hey dad like my butt crack

  14. Rich Misfit says

    Oh if only he knew the future

  15. Edna Keck says

    If his belly button was a outie it would be a penis

  16. Jen Ortiz says

    Lazerbeamit is a zipper that opens up to two people and one has a fat ass

  17. Charlie O'Kane says

    Me: Says the dropout
    LazarDad:Your an embarisment

  18. Zen AD says

    TLC is the lazerbeam chanale of memes

  19. M Childress says

    i feel the same way about the first lady i have a mole and can never get it of my mind so ima get it cut off

  20. kx gr says

    In 2019 Lazarbeam has YEET and use code Lazar in his arms


  21. Dusty dust says

    0:21 8 eyes

  22. Scot Christencem says

    Ima get a tatto that says i love laser beam and yeet

  23. ThorDogZaan says

    who is watching this when lannon got a tatoo

  24. Liam The potato says

    You owe me 100 bucks u need picture proof

  25. Kathryn Schoengarth-Harris says

    TLC: The LazerBeam Channel

  26. Jack Pot says

    We need present lazarbeam to watch this

  27. MatthewMatt says

    7:40 lol

  28. xristouri xexe says

    Lazar beam :I think that tatoos should be illegal
    The next year lazar baem shows up with a yeet and code lazar tattoo

  29. honey x says

    1 year later.. He got a yeet and code lazar tatoo


  30. Brown Dog says

    Lazarbeam: um…
    Me: on your anus?

  31. The Legendary Panda Gamer says

    Youtube: sees 4:04


  32. Link Kayser says

    Makes fun of tattoos then gets Yeet and his fortnite creator code tattooed on his arm

  33. Aiden Johnston says

    Poor digestion: Your puppy may not be digesting his food properly. This may be because the food is low in digestible nutrients and is coming out basically the same way it went in, or because the puppy has a problem with his digestive system. In these cases, the puppy’s stool tastes pretty much like the food he just ate. For the former, switching to a higher quality food can solve this. For the latter (if switching foods has not helped), you will have to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian.

  34. Nethum says

    Who is watching after lannan gets a tattoo himself

  35. Game God says

    I have ptsd from that intro

  36. Disown Johnson says

    This is all coming from the guy with code lazar and yeet on his arm now

  37. ammar hennawi says

    very educational

  38. Lamchain says

    Lazarbeam shows his arm
    Me:One day there will be three words on that arm they will be YEET and CODE LAZAR

  39. Charles Wendover says

    Yes Taco Bell is gross

  40. Owen Lohret says

    One year later: gets yeet and code lazar tattoo

  41. Jeanette Bradford says

    Can I have a Steve carrell tattoo

  42. A.J. C. says

    You are watching the lazar channel

  43. George Stone says

    TLC the lazerbeam channel

  44. RootBeerTastesGood says

    If your dog is eating it’s own poop it’s a sign that means your dog isn’t getting enough nutrients it needs. Your welcome

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