Scotty T Gets A Stephen Bear Tatt Slapped On His Ass | Just Tattoo of Us S3 ep2

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The Geordie lad gets a cheeky tattoo from Charlotte Crosby. Omar gets an OMG (and very NSFW) tatt of his mum and serial cheater Fran gets SRSLY served by his lil bro Nick.

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  1. wes dryden says

    The bear portrait was amazing tbf

  2. Teez Williams says

    Ain’t she the bitch that get exposed on this same show for cheating???

  3. Bea Smith says

    get chris and kem on here

  4. Benjamin Shepherd says

    I hate Asians.

  5. codysett1 says

    Is this the girl from gossip girl?

  6. Sweet Nightmare says

    Why she screams so much

  7. 99 fortytwo says

    Indias own version of Georrdie Shore Its absolutely hilarious, the Indian guy really reminds me of Gaz. Love how he totally owns the scientist..

  8. 99 fortytwo says

    I have been getting emails regarding Stephen Bears recent interests into none duality and self actualization. In a nutshell None duality is essentailly the full understanding of the nature of reality within your direct experience. Its now at the cutting edge of scientific understanding and eventually if humanity evolves in the right direction without completely destroying itself, everyone will know about it. It may take centuries but we are very very slowly getting there now with the Information Age. There is now hope the truth about life will finally be understood by not just a very select few but everyone. It will only take 10% of the worlds population to be fully enlightened to create a state of harmony among the worlds civilisation. Its best to start your journey to find complete inner peace with yourself and others by starting with understanding science and its limitations, even its own dogma. Then philosophy, then self help and human psychology, then finally none duality. This may take sometime and everyone has to come to there own realisations but as Stephen bear would say, humanity is in a state of emergency, we are very under evolved as a specialise both in our own well being and also in our understanding about life with could very well destroy ourselfs and the planet we live on. I appologise for being so direct, but this is an experiment to see how direct one can be regarding truth, and how people take it.

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    4. Unleash the power within by Tony Robbins
    5. The UltraMind Solution: By Mark Hyman 
    6. In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction By Gabor Mate
    7. The social animal by elliot aronson
    8. The alchemist by paulo coelho
    9.Spiral Dynamics in Action: Humanity's Master Code
    10. The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen covey

    Keep deepning your research, then go on to understanding none duality 

    11. Power Vs Force By David Hawkins
    12. The book of not knowing by Peter ralston
    13. The Nature of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter by Rupert Spira
    14. autobiography of a yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
    15. The God Molecule 5-MeO-DMT and the Spiritual Path to the Divine Light by erardo Ruben Sandoval Isaac
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  9. Rebecca Warrington says

    Wish the bear tattoo was facing the other way so it looked like he was shocked by his arsehole

  10. Samalam212 says

    Oh shit that’s the Omar from love island

  11. Angelica Doherty says

    Charlotte hates cheaters? That’s ironic as fuck.

  12. George Chorizo says

    OMG…what trailer trash! These people can’t even speak properly.

  13. Yakim aiden says

    The UK trashed society! what a bunch of f*****g losers and desperate wannabes, with their head filled with so much emptiness that even a black hole would not want to suck them in!

  14. CoenTx_ says

    2:15 i cheated on minecraft do you hate me now?

  15. Ruhaan Mahroof says

    Wtf? You talk shit about your mates mum's not you're own

  16. Summer says

    Totally would’ve been funnier on the other cheek. “Damn, droppin depth charges”

  17. freddie meyer says

    those tatrs are sooo fake , in real life just after u hav a tatt its all red an raised usually some bleeding
    (u hav just had a needle dragged thru ur skin) NOT smooth as silk no redness wat so ever

    o.45 u can see the transfer mark on tht persons leg ..fake as fuck

  18. gravilo pricip says

    The hostess is a walking genital wart !!

  19. StoezFN says

    I’m lethal at this game you na, I’m like the grand master!

  20. BipolarChick says

    OMG lmfaoooo

  21. Fantasy galaxy says

    i Miss bear to much

  22. Jean Sejour says

    Didnt the brown haired chick cheat on her boyfriend with the last male host?

  23. SaverOfTheHolyLand says

    Not all people from the north east speak and act like this, only the ones from council houses

  24. I have a big schlong says

    Omar seems pretty cool

  25. Kveite Arbi says

    fucking aussies, i swear

  26. Teffanie Turner says

    Her lip injections makes her ugly asf

  27. Anya Purnell says

    She said she hates cheaters. But didn’t she cheat?

  28. This is God says

    The ass tattoo is Funny

  29. Lila Prosser says

    Ok but Omar looks hella fine

  30. Mokino Speaks says

    iNcEsT iS a fUnNy tOpiC

  31. The Jams says


  32. Worthy says

    Why does everyone hate bear? Someone fill me in pls. He seemed like a cool guy who got his revenge on Charlotte lmaoo

  33. Xox. Babs says

    The first guy is fuckin dumb like your happy about having a tattoo of you fucking your mom smh him and his girlfriend is going to hell

  34. Shadow Storm says

    ‘Insest is a funny topic’ -Omar

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