Embarrassed Belieber Needs To Get Rid Of Justin Bieber Tattoo | Tattoo Fixers

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Belieber Nathan needs to get rid of his Justin Bieber tattoo before his honeymoon!
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  1. Yoongle Boongle says

    This reminds me of that Cameron Philip guy who got a massive bts tattoo with the most basic korean font ever, big yiKeS

  2. Jung Hoseok’s Sprite says

    I’d probably get ‘Jung Hoseok’ or ‘Lee Felix’ tattooed on my entire face, lol.

  3. Adriana Rosales says

    The proportions are so off

  4. FourEyedGay says

    My first tattoo is gonna be in honor of Imagine Dragons but like more simple I guess lmao

  5. Random Person says

    I think the worst part of this is that I would do this but with twenty one pilots lol

  6. Sophie Kaira says

    Nathan experienced the day in the life of a fangirl basically

  7. Mara Kissinger says

    That tattoo is so unsaturated oh my god it looks like it's been beat up

  8. Ostrich Farm says

    he looks like Christian Bale

  9. Brandon Male says

    Finally another Pompey boy on YouTube

  10. milk xl says


  11. sweety says

    JB is life bro!

  12. Abby Schneider says

    the after is much worse

  13. Jaydy fuzzylumpkin Young says

    the look of sheer disgust on their faces!

  14. seventeen wishes says

    It's OK cause I have "min yoongi's" face tattooed on my face

  15. justinsangels Letourselffall says

    Y tf they saying he’s a belieber god this pisses me off he’s not a belieber it’s just fucking creepy, this is coming from a belieber who’s acc obsessed, I bet he got that as a joke which is just bullshit mate Justins a human!

  16. Shasmeen Muhammad says

    So the receptionist likes a person who says n word

  17. Poppy says

    JB is life

  18. TheExper1ment says


  19. One wheel Tyler says

    I’m from Portsmouth

  20. Carri says

    I was expecting him to be VERY flamboyantly gay but he's marring a women haha

  21. Ellise xo says

    me as fuck LMAO

  22. Rick Sanchez C137 says

    Omg a Jew might as well get a swastika tattooed on him

  23. E sieries says

    Portsmouth yay my origins

  24. tea km says


  25. Dar Pow says

    how did they turn out as the best tattoo artists in uk? I can't believe…there is so many amazing, truly amazing artists which cannot be even compared to them .

  26. jasmine mccallum says

    When they're tattooing are they doing it from references,stencils or freehand?

  27. almondbrowne says

    Eugh, I don't like it

  28. swedish ghostbuster says

    2:13 is that johnny cash or elvis tattooed on the gut to the left

  29. sarah kielty says


  30. Jade Wildman says

    Sketch needs to work on his line work! I'll be shocked the day I see him to a perfect tattoo!

  31. Moody Goth says

    of bloody course he's from Portsmouth.

  32. Bobo Mc-G says

    How much this guys charge for a tattoo fix?

  33. Eoin Smith says

    More like a stan but in Bieber world. Faggit

  34. Leo S says


  35. AlyxJauregui98 says

    celebrity addiction therapy needs to be a thing though

  36. Chris Thomson says

    covers a stupid tattoo with another stupid tattoo

  37. Kris Murphy says

    oh dear he is weird him

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