20 Worst Tattoos You Wont Believe Actually Exist

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20 Worst Tattoos You Wont Believe Actually Exist
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  1. Matthew Breslin says

    1:37 Recipe???????!!!!!!!

  2. Michelle C says

    What job "requires" you to "not wear a shirt" ? LOL

  3. kyra orvis says

    i am going to get all of these

  4. Karen Turman says


  5. Bradley D says

    That Drake girl is ugly as fuck

  6. Spanish Girl says

    I only have one question… WHY??

  7. 0 1 says

    I couldnt made it to the End…. Its too sickening

  8. Lex Scofield says

    5:29 was bad ass tho

  9. Dizzy Derwish says

    At 1:37 the narrator says McDonald's "recipe" when the tattoo was actually a McDonald's receipt.
    This tells us a lot about the education standard of the inked & their admirers.

  10. Midas van der Toorn says

    What's that movie with that no ragrets

  11. rainbow Pusheen says

    Did anyone notice the guy with the McDonalds tattoo he is putting his middle finger up

  12. meps says

    This guy sounds like an asshole

  13. experimental says

    2 is 1

  14. not nabiit main says


  15. Othello says

    it's redundant to say "worst tattoos." There's no such thing as a good tattoo.

  16. Missy Mayes says

    #19 McDonald's recipe ? You mean receipt don't you ??? Omg what the heck ?? I mean your job is to do this narration and you post it with an error like that ? Kinda no excuse for that

  17. How it all Started says

    Video starts at 1:05 thank me later 🙂

  18. TheHotcrumbs says


  19. Dark_ Angel13579 says

    At least for the receipt one u will never forget what the price is

  20. JustGame says

    lol, it ends on… 8:55

  21. velvet croc says

    Tattoos are a degenerate phenomenon and should be banned. I don't give a shit what you think btw.

  22. Joe M. says

    These tattoos did hurt…

    ….. everyone who observed them.

  23. mein Löffelhund liebt dich says

    I‘m so glad I don‘t have tattoos

  24. Damián "el Salsuero" says

    Black screen to pad the runtime? Downvote.

  25. Razzors Edge says

    the couple with a heart looks like magic marker

  26. Scarlet Moonlight says

    Macdonald is cool too this video sucks

  27. Scarlet Moonlight says

    The receipt is cool

  28. Plague Doctor says

    Bitch watch

  29. Plague Doctor says

    On 20, he only tattooed the shit on her back because he knew that she was cheating on him as they were dating still.

  30. BackMasking 33 says

    Danielle bregolli is cute as fuck tho

  31. EVELYN COOPER says

    This was made exactly a year ago #june11 #oneyearanniversary

  32. LSD says

    The spider 1 is awesome

  33. HardeBaas says

    3:15 Barney's dad!

  34. Cole Cormier says

    No mature warning you stupid fucker i showed this to my mom wtf

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