30 BEST and WORST Tattoos Ever

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From the best back pieces in the world, to some very unfortunate animals, these are the BEST and WORST Tattoos Ever !

In the western world, tattoos were seen as uncivilized for many years, nowadays, chances are your lawyer or your doctor are inked up. Lets enjoy these works of art, and wonder why someone would decide to get them !

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12. Can you guess who the person in this tattoo is supposed to be? Its none other than Freddie Mercury ! We are the champions, not because we won, but because we don’t have this stupid tattoo on our arms

11. Not all back pieces have to be aggressive, sometimes, even something cute can turn into an amazing piece of art. The color palette makes it even better.

10. Poor, poor wolf. He looks like he is in serious pain. This is what a wolf is actually supposed to look like, in case you forgot.

9. This tattoo is nothing short of photo realistic. It looks like a black white photo was superimposed on the arm.. The artist was able to achieve a great depth of field in this tattoo.

8. “Uhh yeah, I’ve done portrait tattoos before” – the tattoo artist probably. And seriously, you couldn’t choose a better picture of Angelina Jolie to turn into a tattoo? Chances are, even if the artist was a pro, the tattoo would still look bad.

7. Have you ever seen a chest piece like this one? The design of this tattoo is out of this world. Mixing two styles to create this art piece is something that is very hard to do. This artist pulled it off, without a question.

6. Another animal that doesn’t deserve this. What the hell ? It looks like it was supposed to be a dragon but halfway thru the tattoo the guy decided to make it a white tiger. And those flames… my god… those flames.

5. Look at that ! Its a dragon ! And Its done right, and it looks good… a rare sight when it comes to dragon tattoos. By the way ? Do you have any tattoos ? How do they compare to the ones see in this video ?

4. Wow ! an original design ! Maybe the next time they destroy someone’s arm like that, they should do it in the morning and not after 5 tall boys. Looks like an artichoke and what is all that stuff at the bottom ? Is that supposed to be teeth or something? So confusing.

3. This tattoo definitely calms you down. The serene scene is transferred perfectly to the skin.

2. Remember kids, knowledge is power. Nolege however is another word for “stupid”. Unless the person did the tattoo themselves, 2 people looked at the spelling and thought it looked good.


  1. Kijahlovex says

    Tattoo spellings are the fault of the client not the artist. You sign that liability away in your paper work. If you don’t check your own tattoo design before the stencil, you shouldn’t be getting a tattoo

  2. Felix Jordan says

    The tigers nose looks like squidwards nose

  3. Misty Falgout says

    I know I have a turtlely big nose

  4. Hunter Ratcliff says

    Stop being nosey it’s just Michelangelo

  5. Erica says

    I feel so bad for the first one

  6. Wyatt Love says

    Teenage mutant mucus tunnels

  7. Clayton Mccallum says


  8. Casanova Frankenstein says

    You and you're video skillzzzzz suuuuuck.

  9. Aadyn Gaming And Stuff! says


    "Hey, Ralph. Is it just me or do you… SMELL some pizza?"

  10. Solarz says


  11. it's true says

    I think a tattoo is something you got to take your time with check out the artists and their work.

  12. Aali Kat says

    10000000000000000000 i cant Evan do that

  13. Aali Kat says



  14. Aali Kat says

    Omg a wenni

  15. Aali Kat says

    They will come to save your snot

    I’m 8 don’t juge

  16. Nathaniel Jones says

    This guy's voice is so aggrevating. Its he like he nose what he's doing

  17. Unknown Artist says

    Also that's not Lilo that's Stitch

  18. Emily Bryant says

    Wondering if he can smell the sewer

  19. Ben Lundgren says

    People get tattoos basically because they can’t communicate well

  20. Skidwj says

    You made so i did't wanna have a tattoo now >:(

  21. Molly Henschel says

    God, I want a Freddie Mercury tattoo but not like the number 12 one

  22. gdsmchris says

    That nose tattoo, i bet He's thinking, well that tortoise a lesson

  23. Alyssa Morgan says

    Honest to good tattoo artists are not cheap. I have two myself; a purple rose piercing a red heart on the back of my right shoulder ($245) and a blue butterfly circling a bouquet of purple flowers on my left arm ($245). So people! Do your damn research before you even think of getting a tattoo.

  24. Nice Boi says


  25. ღgαlακγ- ςнυ!ღ says

    I wanna get a tattoo on the back near my neck it will be the name of my first love , so I wanted to ask how much it hurts? I have made tattoos by cutting my self though my skin filled up! I can tolerate pain as much to 70% any tips?

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