Charlotte Crosby HATES Her New Tattoo | Just Tattoo Of Us

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When Charlotte finally sees the tattoo Stephen Bear designed for her, the Geordie lass goes PURE RADGE!

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  1. George says

    Hahaha Bear is the funniest guy ever on every TV show he has been on

  2. BellaBooStables YT says

    Oof her lip injections are obvious

  3. HAUKEN says

    He is a legend tho

  4. Teinysha Patterson says

    I hate that loser he's such a dickhead

  5. 01987 N?a says

    This was funny af.

  6. Maximus25N says

    What was that ridiculous bad guy speech??? LOL. He thinks he’s Tony Montana in Scarface ???! Hahaha little pleb, you’re on a pathetic no mark tv show, no need for the dramatics.

  7. Officially Destyni says

    Who else thought that was a plastic bird in her mouth

  8. Shαun Pughshιpp says

    It's a WHAT?! “teg-ger” excuse me?!

  9. E Z says

    This bitch deserved it lmao cheating is not a mistake its a decision

  10. TaeSung Is Real says

    … No te entendí nada, no hablo ingles :v

  11. SheWhoWillBeKnown says

    Im cryn lmaoooo shes upset? She didntbget hairy balls at least

  12. Gacha Aqua says

    Wait can't you remove tattoos but with this machine and apparently it's like 2x more the pain because it like peels your skin or something like that

  13. Shezel .H says

    I mean.. Thats what she gets for cheating tbh. I think it should have been worse lmao. I kinda like the tattoo tho ngl

  14. Skyla Gregory says

    atleast it aint a fucking dick I mean

  15. Skyla Gregory says

    why is she being so dramatic lol its not even bad

  16. Jordan Taylor says

    If any Alien civilisations see this video as an example of Humanity we are fucked. The invasion will happen immediately. The sum total of the intelligence of these 2 Morons would be equal to a disabled Goldfish. Depressing.

  17. killwize says

    RED FLAGS ARE GOING OFF! The guy is giving me abusive psychopath vibes. Sure the girl is overacting but he is manipulative AF.

  18. Trickleha says

    So hilarious

  19. Renasai says

    Can anyone actually understand what the fuck they're saying? I don't even think the captions know.

  20. 재규어아기 says

    Why are peoples making these shows LOL

  21. Just King says

    I wanna see the guys tattoo

  22. Just King says

    I would love that tattoo jeez

  23. Video Games HDx says

    Lol i saw this like yesterday on tv and thought this was new but not its like 2 years ago..

  24. Anuar Da Luz says

    I can't Bear a Cheata..

  25. Molly N says

    Her plastic surgery is intense…

  26. Md KAnE says

    what the fuck was that?!

  27. dangboof says

    after i realized the dudes name was Stephen Bear, i got it. is this show for real? they must be getting paid to be humiliated like this. if theyre doing it for free theyre stupid.

  28. Destiny Church says

    I think she got what she deserved she laughed at others tattoos and it not the bad I think it is a little over dramatic!

  29. Gary Khera says

    Did i just heard that she cheated ? Lol wtf she was just saying how she hates cheater? Ok … Double standard what a HOE but damn she bad though i tapp that anyday.

  30. Valerie Hernandez says

    its a cool tat

  31. Valerie Hernandez says

    ok 4 1 thats a leopard the thing is she had a boyfriend when she kissed stephen his last name is BEAR he is calling her a cheetah cheater

  32. Tom Nelson says

    What a complete pair of twats.they deserve everything they chuck at each other.ha.ha.a tramp stamp to go with her silicone lips

  33. James Guy says

    She must have cheated & sucked his bear Cock .
    The Truth hurts !

  34. Ayo Haastrup says

    This is the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen

  35. Mia Vallance says

    I honestly think it’s quite cute is it just me I know the reason on it is mean and dumb but the tattoo is actually quite cute

  36. Kiki M says


  37. Melissa Thomas says

    So I guess this video is her officially handing in her resignation?

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