When This Man Takes Off His Makeup Strangers Treat Him Like a Criminal | Only Human

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Jason’s is covered in tattoos from head to toe. As part of a social experiment, he has them all completely covered with thick layers of makeup. He then goes to the streets again, asking small favours from strangers – and realises how big an impact his tattoos have on other’s impression of him.

Watch the full documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwpRAQRoXM8

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  1. Royce Dejong says

    Watch ever day derp

  2. Grace Abad says

    hold up i thought that was tatoo

  3. Faraz Khan says

    bro don't clean it up just take a shower.

  4. Faraz Khan says

    men you were beautiful before and after long live britz!

  5. Only noobs Play says

    He looks like micheal when he looks ln the mirror gta v

  6. Roffa 5311 says

    Wow that looks so fake when they put the make up on.
    But it’s really sad that they treat him different bc of his tatts

  7. TheGaming Gorilla says

    That is horrible you are allowed to look however you want

  8. I am fine with tats as long as he’s nice

  9. Adrian Carrillo says

    I can't believe people are still judging the appearance of others when nowadays, many people and the media is encouraging others to have tattoos and a particular look style. But at the same time, this inside is great, because he is what he is, thanks to his tattoos and without them, to me, he looks not real. His tattoos are part of his identity as a person, and many of us should accept that.

  10. Aurora Ashton Weaver says

    He looks evil and Retarded

  11. YouTube Trash says

    They differently used dermacol on him because of the full coverage

  12. Monae Miller says

    He looks way better with tatoos

  13. xTRuE_ Whatmate says

    I would love to meet this dude tbh he seemed cool when the intro started playing before i even heard em spoke. And after i like em more haha

  14. FaZe_BOPS_ XD says

    Why do people Take tattoos negative

  15. Ikaika Kuoha says

    That guy looks hammer

  16. Mash Up says

    I get this treatment n I'm a skinny white male with no tattoos.

  17. Scourge312 says

    These social experiments are not accurate because its on all different people

  18. muskndusk says

    2:33 He's been Tango'd!

  19. RedXLion 7205 says

    Now if the genders were switched what would they do

  20. Faze Farr says

    I saw him in cakefilay

  21. esperanza riondino says

    He is handsome !!! With tattoos

  22. Zhan Carson says

    He is super kind why whould people treat him like a criminal

  23. Favian Hernandez says

    In his ear

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