Tattoo fixers 1temp. Cap 3 en ingles

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  1. Ami Sioux says

    im sorry but paisley seems like a useless person on this show… maybe behind the scenes she does stuff but as far as when the camera rolls…. she seems lazy and obnoxious :/ sorry if that makes me sound like an ass…just my opinion..

  2. Ingenium says

    People are so fucking stupid. …I acknowledge that I’m also a person. :/

  3. Ingenium says

    Every conversation is the same. “I was drunk.” Which resulted in something like X years of agony and an eventual coverup. Do you get it.

  4. Kat Brax says

    I love the show but they never show the last tattoo cover up.

  5. Juliette Psvy says

    That Superman tattoo could have been so much more crisp and vibrant … Both color application and line work are appaling

  6. Bucket, Charlie says

    Paisley looks so thin

  7. tunebros2 says

    Holly is so beautiful. Why did she ruin it with neck tattoo?

  8. Zelai S. B. says

    i just don't get why sketch is in there. awful tattooist.

  9. Karl Gilliatt says

    from what i can make out of that shit writing of the italian phrase fatto, succede per una ragione lol….

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