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The Tattoo Fixers are not a fan of Ed Sheeran’s tattoos, and Vicky Pattison makes a big Cheryl Cole faux-pas!
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  1. Kylie Alvey says

    Kevin Mchale was better at hosting this show

  2. Leila says

    The tattoo fixers cant tattoo tho

  3. Jaydeelu 93 says

    Says the guy that free boots other people's work & brags about becoming a tattooist w/o any qualifications. Any truly good artist or even anyone with tattoos done by truly goof artists know this guy is a fucking sham.

  4. Fin W says

    1:19 pretty sure that is the Chinese symbol for to be/is, its quite hard to tell if it actually is seeing as the lines seem off to me.

  5. Phoenix Rouge says

    Good job its not on them

  6. Eoin Hickey says

    I cannot stop staring at the oppositions huge tits

  7. existential dread says

    sketch talking shit about someone's tattoos but but his own work is absolutely terrible. ironic.

  8. jodie Doc says

    Tattoo fixers are known for fucking up so they need to stfu judging his

  9. Charlie's World says

    I LOVE the tattoo fixers. I like Sketch!

  10. Charlie's World says

    Wow so many negative comments about such a great show! And I don't know why there is so much hate for Sketch and the others I love em! They are brilliant with cover ups and so funny! Tattoo fixers is amazing!

  11. New Thought says

    I'd like the host to not SHOUT!!!! every sentence. Unless of course this is part of his therapy, in which case fair do's.

  12. 13MrKieran says

    How can that cunt Sketch say anything what a bell end and a joke to tattooing

  13. Madison Macha says

    Eds tatoos are perfect this dude needs of stfu

  14. seanc41556 says

    fraud cunts

  15. Eoin Smith says

    that woman on the other side,has huge tits

  16. Zediest says

    These people are out of line for judging Ed on his tattoos, if he likes them and they are meaningful to him that is his choice. Tattoo artists should act like professionals, what gives these people the right to say what is good and bad especially if it isn't down to quality.

  17. beth says

    which ep??

  18. Hhjj Hhhu says

    I swear this kind of TV exists to kill brain cells

  19. missyflower says

    That's good, because I am pretty sure Ed Sheeran doesn't like them, mainly because they are bellends.

  20. Octopus Chutney says

    The same symbol in chinese means like is or yes

  21. smile all day says

    everyone is getting so defensive in the comments and it's honestly funny af

  22. KinglySeal says

    coming from people who on their show steal other artists work and fuck up other people's bodies and do wanker cover ups.

  23. Lance Gringo says


  24. Alice brown says

    I love how shocked Chris gets about Vicki not realising who Cheryl is

  25. Obnoxious Fandom Name says

    I don't think Sketch is one to chat shit about Tattoos, just because you can do me doesn't mean you do me well mate.

  26. Brionyx says

    Why tf would anyone slate someones tattoos? Its their body and chances are, they have a lot of meaning or memories

  27. Ess says

    People have different preferences and if Ed (a guy who doesn't care and just wants to be happy) wants to get a stupid tattoo, then oh well that's his decision!

  28. Sean Williams says

    That guy is a cunt anyway

  29. frickle frackle says

    Doesn't Ed Sheeran's tattoo artist always have to fix their work though??

  30. Harry says

    Sketch can't really chat shit can he after the whole thing where he doesnt actually draw his own tattoos and the ones he does on the show are wank af

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