Best tattoos in the world HD 2018 – Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas

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Best tattoos in the world HD 2018 – Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas

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  1. eric 12 says

    Hell with the tattoo Artist name give me the number to old girl in 1:01 an I'll be happy haha

  2. namepi says

    Who are the artists?

  3. Crystal Yeow Ching Ching says

    Cool, may used some of your work.

  4. Jeff Leblanc says

    Thers a few tats in here that are so smooth never seen nothing as good as about 10 or 12 of these tattoos are like the best I have seen but with out the artist just another tattoo would like to see if all ther work is like this and some of ther older stuff to see how it holds up

  5. Dee Loc says

    Such a hot woman ruined by that tat

  6. Scary Dragonz says

    These are nice but, how about once you get old? lol

  7. Teerakit Kaewkla says

    I Loves tattoo

  8. Walk_Man says


  9. andré rasemont says

    Oh mais c'est laid, abominable, de l'art ça? c'est de la déco pour les chiottes.

  10. KhaDoanh Huynhngoc says


  11. Courtney Ellison says

    Was struck by the skeleton @ 3:00 , so you don't have to do the diggin yourself his name is Eliot Kohek

  12. Marin Kukic says

    Sorry to break it to you folks who are watching this video with 1.5 eyes closed, but most of these tattoo's are fake and visual effects were used to make them appear more 3D like

  13. radek niejadek says

    Where I can find designs for these tattoos ?

    I mean the one from 2:15 Plz help

  14. Iver Ulfengrad says

    A lot of these will look like shit in 10 years.

  15. Mayank Mittal says

    How much is ot for? Will by piggie be enough?

  16. David Jj says

    Who producese this music its on all the compilation videos hahaha

  17. ck kavin Bru says


  18. Johann Sulzer says


  19. Mikola says

    как их примут в рай???

  20. PrymuSS123 says

    8:21 holy shit i want tattoo like this.

  21. Random Stuff says

    Lots of mediocre tattoos, worst music

  22. waray non says

    wow. the best

  23. Mohammed Haaris says


  24. Erik Lidö says

    you sir, have the worst taste in tattoos. congratz. just trendy and "cool" things…

  25. Angel Caban says

    awsome channel

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