Tattoo Nightmares: Phallic Disaster

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A young man gets a very embarrassing tattoo in an attempt to be one of the “cool kids.” Now Tommy is tasked with covering it up.

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  1. Billy Nelson says

    What an idiot to get that tattoo changed, can you imagine being 80 with that blasted on your thigh, people would start cults to worship you, idiot

  2. Basetornado says

    Not gonna lie, better then I expected.

  3. HK says

    Why is the semen censored instead of the dick?

  4. Stephan Reichelt says

    Tommy's cool

  5. Clfx _303 says

    Tommy is a bad ass

  6. Snowflakes the Yeti-archer says

    Only an idiot would think a stupid tattoo like that (0:27) is cool in any way. How stupid can someone get?
    "I did this to be funny, but people were laughing at me, not with me." Duh!
    "I did it all for nothing." Again, duh! What the heck did you expect? When you choose to do something like this, it's not like you can't help it if people are laughing at you. You did kinda ask for it. If I ever get a tattoo, I'm going to get something that has meaning, not some meaningless garbage like that tattoo there.

  7. Caitlyn Falvey says

    thats actually kinda funny

  8. Ike Fishman says

    it's my dick in a box

  9. David Fuentes says

    who tells me how the song is called at the end of the program

  10. al wiggy says

    HE'S SUCH A DICK in more ways than one.

  11. Cuboid Siren says

    Men can be so moronic.

  12. Aurochs hunter says

    When will people learn that tattoos don't wash off? Think very carefully about what you're doing.

  13. frances malik cobain says

    He must win in ink master

  14. CoSMo says


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