Ep #3 EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Crosby Dumps Josh Via A Savage Tweet | The Charlotte Show 2

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Someone hang up!
We do not LIKE this…

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  1. MTV International says


  2. Louise Foster says

    I'm sorry this whole kick off is because he didn't want to be filmed on a night out? Is this serious?

  3. Shanay Lawson says

    She’s a fucking mess. He just wanted a private life out, she’s used to cameras following her around, since she was young as. Let him live his bloody life with his mates ya spinner haha

  4. alessandro concato says

    Don’t forget, we’ve all watched Geordie shore and seen you cheat as well. Even cheated on Gaz in season 12 I think

  5. Eve says

    She's pathetic, stay single till you sort yourself out love

  6. blla gry says

    He's not the one. With the amount of fights they have and arguing over little things… no he needs to move on and she needs to stay single for a bit to discover her as a human being and why she feels the way she does.

  7. Alison McCarthy says

    Love how her mom knows she's completely overeating

  8. Michael Baird says

    I can’t stand this type of behaviour! Girls need to get a grip and let guys be friends with girls and girls friends with guys!

  9. Carline Brown says

    Love Charlotte and hope she and Josh can work things out like them together give him time Charlotte he will come around love you babes

  10. Courtney Boudreau says

    Grow up fish face…h

  11. Pat says

    Is her face much fatter? Or is it the fillers? She must stop.. first she was prettier..

  12. Kelly Marie says

    Ah Charlotte what are you doing to yourself love? You’ve lost the absolute plot.

  13. nini's world says

    What is this crap. Grow up

  14. Renee Fiore says

    I think Charlotte wants someone who wants a family, ready for kids etc. She's nearly 30 and we all go through this after 25, a guy who wants what you want.She's too afraid to ask coz she knows he isn't ready

  15. Kat Ronson says

    I wouldn't want someone filming me vomming up jaegerbombs at 3am tbf

  16. Scott Michael says

    Is this a show where the cameras follow around someone mental for awareness?

  17. Lyn Kent says

    Put your FUCKING PHONE DOWN!…your having dinner with your Mother…..FFS

  18. Lyn Kent says

    Well I was going to say…"FFS…. you bunny boilier)….then a got a grip on empathy!
    Char…you have money…you have had ex boyfriends that have taken the piss out of you?…You have made loads of dosh (thanks for shit TV)?..So tell me why Richie loves you?..Is it because he loves the real Charlotte? Or is it like all the rest?….Personally I dont think he is a user…..
    What is wrong with Richie wanting space….Why should he have a camera up his arse 24/7…..That is your life…(not his)….How you made/make your money…….

    ..Maybe…just maybe Richie is a good guy that loves you for who you really are without all this fame BS….?
    Why do you think Richie wants time out…Your thoughts are ….he is going to cheat…when a YOUNGER GUY goes out clubbing?…You want a younger guy….then let him breath….
    Maybe he will fuck off and find a younger girl with no BS around her?….if you carry on showing him your ugly shadow self…..He will leave….Stop buying Men Charlotte…Holidays/Watches/Cars all what you have…..(personally I dont know what the hell you have done to earn such delights)…..Why dont you just say….Hey Ive made loads of dosh…for being "what"??.
    Your not stupid…you could really do good in this fucked up world …without carrying on selling yourself!
    Just a Thought!!…….

  19. Michelle Devlin says

    The how much can Charlotte cry show. A lot

  20. missmystery22 says

    I am the same age as her with two kids and a husband. She behaves like a child!

  21. Bu Keci says

    She needs therapy. She doesn`t know who she is anymore. She really lost eye for astetics, her face looks horrible what has she done to herself? And she is so insecure and psycho…she can`t be with anyone this way that is to say no one will ever wanna be with her if she´s this way. And we all know she has been like this since we know her. Remember the season of Geordie Shore when she was away and Gary went got her? She was ironing something. I guess she had shorts on and a white neckholder or something like that. She looked soooo beautiful…and look at her now! She looks so bad:(

  22. Dean 1982 says

    Daft cow!

  23. Connie Barraclough says

    She gets worse

  24. Buscuit Bear says


  25. Shaun Hogwood says

    She's says she has trust issues but hasn't she cheated on two of her ex's ?

  26. Trinity Thorns says

    Never date a josh just saying

  27. beauty loverrr says

    This is literally so stupid

  28. Tori Hindson says

    I can see how she’s so insecure. She’s had terrible relationships with silly boys so she needs someone who can reassure her she’s important and loved.

  29. Rhama Harrison says

    If I was on a girls night and my boyfriend wanted a camera to follow us around all night I would tell him to piss off too. Not everyone is comfortable with cameras in their face 24/7. GROW UP !!!!!!

  30. Roan Quinn says

    The plastic show

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