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Tattoo artist Monk helps people cover past mistakes with new tattoos. The first in a series of web video designed to give people an idea of what’s possible when it comes to covering a bad tattoo.
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  1. SamDontTrip says

    Oh man. I love that cover up. Hes a real miracle worker

  2. monkeman69 says

    Yes Kim Saigh at Memoir Tattoo, gets my full endorsement. She's absolutely amazing and I'm wearing two tattoos that she's done for me.

  3. Christine Orpurt says

    You are very talented, sir!! I like your show, well done. I live in Indiana… if I ever for some reason decide to get a tattoo, I'll definitely come your way. Your art is beautiful and captivating.

  4. ladynikkie says

    the coyfish is beautiful, and your cover-ups were good.

  5. Michelle Taylor says

    This is a very inspirational video, thanks for being a great artist!

  6. monkeman69 says

    My friend Don McDonald is excellent, he owns a shop called Bodyworks in Pittsburgh.

  7. monkeman69 says

    yes, several greats. which big city are you closest to?

  8. FoxiMoxi says

    Dude, you're incredibly talented. I've found myself watching a few episodes of this show on TLC where they do cover up tattoos and honestly I didn't think they were all that great.. and it's funny because they have their own show. Well you definitely deserve to be in the spotlight because your tattoos are amazing.

  9. monkeman69 says

    Mike Parsons is down your way, awesome tattooer. Here's the info: 13346 Lincoln Rd Riverview, Fl 33578 • 813-374-2146

  10. monkeman69 says

    Let me know which big city you're close to and maybe I can recommend an artist.

  11. Nickie Neu says

    I wish I lived closer man. I have a horrid tattoo on my right lower forearm that was supposed to be for my Daddy. The tat was bad then the fix was worse. =(

  12. monkeman69 says

    Infinite Art Tattoo
    Toledo Ohio

  13. rocky martinez says

    im fucking getting a tatto from him or something because he is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Life's A Game says

    Where you located?

  15. Laurentiu Badea says

    Trully amazing. I thought bad tattoos can't be undone.

  16. Kpbo33 says

    HOLY SHIT! this is awesome. I'm speechless.

  17. Kato T says

    Did the tv show steal your idea?

  18. monkeman69 says

    a tattoo this size would normal be around $500-900

  19. monkeman69 says

    Yes, that is me.

  20. SiegfriedX says

    Are you the actual artist from the video? If so, that's one amazing tattoo you did there!

  21. SuperDelphinidae says

    as a matter of interest,what was the cost of this job?

  22. Emma Lewis says

    You seem so nice!
    And you're tattoos are the best I have ever seen in my life!

  23. monkeman69 says

    this is a matter that I cannot talk about at present.

  24. monkeman69 says

    there is no name, it was song produced for this video.

  25. Nickersons Theme says

    You seem nice

  26. Lee Cawley says

    this is absolutely awesome

  27. ledbthand says

    What's the name of the song at 1:20?

  28. XxinthezonexX says

    What an amazing artist! I never had a tattoo done and I want to start with my sleeve so bad but scared shitless! I seen videos of people blacking out and stuff but it looks like you know what you're doing. Kudos! wish you were in Georgia I would totally go to your shop and let you do my first Tattoo which it will be on my arm " Michael Myers " I have in mind 🙂

  29. TooDamnRight says

    ohh that is so cool, love the fact that there are people like you out there to help put on real tattoos that other tattooist fail to do. just out of curiosity do you do island (pacific) pattern tattoos?

  30. Tim Scott says

    where do u work?

  31. mikkolangot says

    Wow. Amazing cover up!

  32. piercedliquidnipples says

    the final result was AMAZING!

  33. Daniel Koehler says

    Is it possible to cover up a throat tattoo?

  34. monkeman69 says

    rebreather by Hydrone-(Proton Press)

  35. xxxporkchop6969 says

    whats the name of the song at the end of this vid????

  36. MattitudeX says

    AMAZING work!
    Would come to america to be tattooed by you with pleasure

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