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thanks for watching!!
as you saw this was an epic fail!
hope u enjoyed tho !!

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  1. anmol kainat says

    u talk too much

  2. Lena violette says

    your eyesssssss

  3. Sarah Heyes says

    ure eyes are amazing

  4. Lisa Brand says

    Where did you get your contacts and what's the name of them please!

  5. Lauren Askew says

    do you wear contacts??

  6. xx Aurora xx says


  7. Sonia sonia says

    I'm so scared…Not scared…scared isn't the word…lol..but in all honesty sorry the product didnt work…next time try the product before using it LIVE…

  8. Mary Casey says

    HEY now!

  9. JusTyree says

    Is that a room in a closet

  10. Hair Church says

    It wasn't too bad. Thanks for the gut laugh with the "lying" video.

  11. lonniebelle says

    we know where the buttons are, we've been here before

  12. Hase hossen says

    you look so beautiful specially because of your eye colour…

  13. Cléo Cesar says

    lmaoooo ''ain't nobody got time for waisting''

  14. Irina Wolf says

    Omg your eyes <3

  15. ServedSki says


  16. boyeon rhee says

    If you use some oil based make up remover maybe it will come off

  17. Juliet Mushaba says

    OMG Melvis you just like my sister omg u crack me up..how come you dont get likes?

  18. Orca O says

    from your thumbnail i thought you were being kidnapped

  19. Self -Deprecation says

    Ready for click bait and annoying thumbnails.

  20. avery corkins says

    you are so beautiful!!!!

  21. CaramelQueen Gaming says

    You remind me of simplynessa15 not comparing just saying you remind me of her and she reminds me of you

  22. Anne says

    Haha lol toen ik je in het begin mee hoorde "zingen" dacht ik al Dutchieee

  23. Kuudere-senpai says

    eye contacts?

  24. HoayNakoe says

    Those look like contact lenses :/ is your eye sight bad? Because you shouldn't put it on if your eyes are 20/20

  25. Racheal T. says

    because you are light skinned you should have gotten a light brown even though idealy your eyebrows should kind of match your hair you also want them to match your complexion since the eyebrows are actually located on your face.

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