Tattoo Fixers episode 5

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  1. DJ Jones says

    I'm from Seattle Washington…(United States)… I've never heard of Marmite or crumpits what are they?!? And is Marmite good?

  2. Tainowarrior00707 says

    My 10 year old grandson could do a better zombie than that crap if i was that old man i would just make a black hole to cover that crap this guy got some nerve even the so call superhero look like crap then he wanted to cover that guys butt with a gay ass rose really i know he said rose but the first thing he said was skull then rose so dumb ass incorporate both no offense to the LGBT community now the falcon came out nice nothing to flip over the talons look like chicken legs now the girls tattoos both look great especially the jar with the cherry blossom and pee pee boy what! the fuck! this guy has to b single if his not he is now.

  3. Chris Mariani says

    The zombie is horrendous

  4. K Gee says

    The laughing at the Marmite girl was so distasteful and rude, especially the cringing and snarled faces they were doing, you could tell she was offended by the first guy. If I was her I would of told them to take my Marmite jar and shove it up their asses then leave. No matter how strange or bad you think the design the customer wants is, its not your place to mock them. These "artists" have horrible manners, even if this was for tv and could very well be fake it was still annoying to watch that go down.

  5. Brian Fox says


  6. Just Bronx says

    The zombie tattoo was slightly fucked…Like honestly was expecting so much better. The color and design was soooo weird.

  7. May Bee says

    that one guy seemed so normal until he showed his ass tattoo and talked about drinking piss..

  8. Monster Fox says

    These people are so unfunny and terrible. Why give them a show??

  9. Ashlie Mack says

    I hate watching these types of shows and the coverups aren’t even that much better, maybe I’m just super picky

  10. Byron DW says

    As if it is drawn by heart yea yea

  11. StrongerThanAll says

    The Marmite-Chick's face when the guy revealed he never tried it 😀

  12. Paula Paul George says

    Ok, so the guy that got the cover-up on his butt, made me nauseous when he said he drinks his own pee.

  13. Le Corner d'Evangeline says

    Marmite girl had the best tatto from far.

  14. Alias Smith says

    fix it not make i worse the zombi i realy bad

  15. Esra Nariman says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what marmite was cause honestly it just looks like vegemite

  16. Ob Srt4 says

    she says she wants a lotus flower so he draws a lily… yeaa def not a true artist

  17. James Cornwell says

    Why do the girls start to cry when they get a tattoo

  18. The Good Green Herb says

    45:23 I still see the tits of the snake in the tattoo you suck at covering fuuuck lil snake big ass cover and still ?? 0_0

  19. Walter De wit says

    I'm gonna tattoo my moms name on my ass? WTF?

  20. Squidneythe Squid says

    Oh gawd that opening music reminded me so much of the iCarly transition music, I got hit by a taco truck of nostalgia

  21. aggsimalone says

    Ew. Vegemite is way better.

  22. Lores Saker says

    This is why u should use ur fake tattoo's

  23. Digger Puppy says

    29:44 my during this entire episode

  24. Starshine Fashion says

    Not a huge fan of the zombie tattoo…at all!

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