Needle Boys 2.5, Tattoo Nightmares

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In this epic episode,
Clint Cummings and the boys get ready for an epic evening with the series premier of Tattoo Nightmares Miami coming and the season premier of Ink Master Rivals.

Tons of guests come through to enjoy the new shop and Clint’s brand new series.

Billy Jack from AE (Artistic Encounter)
Spartacus Durant from AE and Tribe Suspension
Oliver Peck from Ink Master
Jamie Davies from Ink Master season two
Steve Tefft from Ink Master season two
Ron Givens from Ink Master season two
Reese and High Noon from Tattoo Nightmares Miami
Donny from Waterloo tool boxes
and so many more friends drop in either from different seasons of Ink Master, conventions, local artists Clint grew up learning from, and a ton of the AE crew!

Special thanks for everyone who made it out to make this an amazing night and one giant epic episode of Needle Boys.

Also Cody Dresser has returned, one of the youngest most solid artists in Texas returns to Sparrows at the new location!

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Season two

Needle Boys is created by –
Eli Ellison (Ravens Court Films)
Clint Cummings

The content in this video and all Needle Boys videos on Youtube is original and created by Ravens Court Films unless stated otherwise.

  1. Cheeky_ says

    Ron Givens – Tatoo Master

    Yee he rekt himself first or second in „Ink Master“, hes god damn shit lmao

  2. Candaceq P says

    Almost a two minute intro >_<

  3. Marilyne Chenuet says

    it would have been nice to think about the "fans" (i don't like this word !) of other countries 🙂 and who don't understand well the english "talked" :-(, who's harder to understand than the english written in giving us the possibility to have at least the translation.

  4. raphael jones says

    at 24:40 i thought that guy had an oreo in his ear. x)

  5. Skimlet says

    the intro is so long this could be an anime

  6. tyler says

    I literally live 10 minutes away walking distance from this shop

  7. Jacob Steele says

    Was david clarke tattoo there

  8. nick duffy says

    Who where oliver and clint talking about with the bus and talking about linework

  9. Will Wilcox says

    I love this show . No drama or fake fucking tv shit . Clint keeps it straight and its all about the art at the end of the day so much respect . Wish I had an opportunity to be the best I could be with someone like you (clint) at my side showing me the ropes just saying . See so much ungrateful people when I would kill to be apprenticed by a killer artist . Anyways show is awesome guys .

  10. ANGRYERASER says

    Creepy Cody ! LOL !!

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