Surviving A Crippling, Incredibly Rare Disease As A Kid | Tattoo Fixers On Holiday

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The Tattoo Fixers design an appropriate tattoo to commemorate Alice overcoming a very dangerous and rare disease, Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, during childhood.
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  1. Megan Campbell says

    this is so nice , i love tattoos like this because it has a meaning to it

  2. Strawberrycake*-* says

    1:46 a Baby Baby?

  3. Hxnnxh_ 27 says

    I have dancing eyes……..

  4. Cs B says

    That the same eye she did on the guys who got matching freind tats

  5. Jazmyn Love says

    The team is so loving and caring

  6. Kawaii Camel says

    Sketch looking gewwdddd

  7. Hannah says

    Omg sketch’s cry baby tattoo!!

  8. Innen sind wir alle Rosa says

    These Videos frustrate me so much. Show me the whole damn clip! Either the other scribbles are not included or the tattoing isnt.

  9. Elliot Glenn says

    I used to suck at reading people but everytime they chose i already know what theyre gonna pick

  10. Shells story says

    She litulary drew the illuminati on her

  11. уєαн н says

    It’s a bit of shit excuse for a tattoo ngl

  12. HarrietT 02 says

    Omg fucking hell
    Her body's eating her brain

  13. Poppy Sinclair says

    shut up

  14. Sara Rah says

    If I was the tattoo artist I would have drawn a eye with a poppy as the pupil

  15. Lil Bean says

    i get raging boners 24/7, i must get a tattoo of a big vainy throbbing cock across my forehead.

  16. Pot Plants says

    I know it’s a bit off topic but he’s really hot

  17. James LunarNe says

    Illuminati tattoo….

  18. Maricia Salton says

    I get what she means you never go through life not needing your mum
    Always appreciate your mum coz you never know when it will be your last day with them

  19. mrjules2008 says

    What a shit reason for a tattoo?! I want to signify a disease I had when I was 18months old and can't remember.

  20. Bronson says

    IDubbz irl

  21. TRASH MEMES says

    Fucking hell

  22. Harvey Lloyd says


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