Powerful Stories Behind Tattoos With Real Meaning

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  1. David Guzman-Ocampo says

    Number one wasn’t that good

  2. HydraTheWolf says

    If I ever do get a tattoo, it’ll have to be with my friends. Two out of four of us, including myself, were struggling with severe depression. We were both suicidal, so we all started drawing hearts on our wrists. Whenever we looked at them, we’d know we were loved. Kept me from ending it all quite a few times. I drew a pawprint for my friend who was also struggling. To represent how I knew she’d always find her way home, no matter how lost she was. Love them all so much.

  3. notblakebray says

    i don’t want my dad to die 🙁

  4. unknown name says

    2:33, what a coincidence. it’s july 23rd

  5. Emily Stephen says

    Omg I just realized that’s I was watching this on July 23,2019 happy 5 years of Heroin clean (2:37)

  6. Elin Olsson hult says

    All of these are so sad and I tried to hold my tears in, but for some reason the letter at 3:46 just broke me and I started crying

  7. Wolf Noir *wolfissimo* says

    I’m thinking of when I’m old enough to get a tattoo of something meaningful from the lion king, something like, “In the circle, the circle of life”
    Edit: this reminded me of my mom’s tattoo, when I was a baby she had a cat named Seymore and he was a great cat, everyone loved him, but a stray cat came in and Seymore got FIP from him.. when I was about a year old I ripped skin off of his back and he had to get put down at the age of 8, my mom has a tattoo of a cat climbing on her back in remembrance of the greatest pet she ever owned and that he will always be with her.

  8. Luna Rose says

    I first wanted to get a semicolon, but I've decided, when the time is rip, that I will go for an anchor and "Don't sail off the waterfall" partly above and underneath the anchor

  9. jadekayak01 says

    So fucking what.

    Im 53 and never done that shit

  10. Natalie the cute koala says

    i had 4 dogs who passed away when i was just young, i wish i could get a cubone tattoo with the ghosts of 4 dogs

  11. Jane B says

    I got my first and only tattoo after my man died. It's the nickname he had for me from a letter he wrote saying "little sun keep on shining". He died in a bus accident on a trip with his friends. Dead at 24. And I miss you so.

  12. Antithesis says

    i was expecting something else…… manly tears

  13. ellis ch says

    I'm crying

  14. purgatory exb3 says

    I almost that same scar on my head from cancer to but it doesn't reach my ear

  15. B14ck 1ce says

    …who else in saw the thumbnail and thought of the jumanji thing?

  16. WestDTLA says



  17. stevlyn 242 says

    My first tattoo is for my son who passed when he was 8 its a simple cross and two dates next year is the 10 year anniversary of his passing and i am adding the autism puzzle to it as well as the dates of his brother and sisters birth

  18. llprofitll says

    This made me think about how much I take the people In my life for granted and how much I would miss them. I am now going to start storing even the littlest things from my family members

  19. Pink Tuna says

    Who's cutting onions?! I don't wanna cry..

  20. midnight luna wolf says

    The one were the brother was murdered made me cry and i dont cry for others death

  21. Tyson Thomas says

    it's so hard to read the captions

  22. Santy00 says

    The spongebob one made me cry

  23. Susan Guida says

    Planning on getting a tattoo when I’m older for my grandfather. He wasn’t only a veteran from the navy, but a happy man and always played around with me and my brother. When he was younger, he had a huge smoking addiction. That is why he is so sick now, to the point he has to go back to rehab for what it seems the millionth time. I’m going to get a tattoo of a smiley face on my wrist, because he was the happiest man alive until he got to his older years and became very sick. I love him more then ever

  24. Gia Ahmed says

    Is this edited because the other day I watched this it had a different song to it

  25. Hogwarts Nerd says

    This video made me cry but also made me happy at all the unique ways people remember their past so when I´m old enough I´ll get a tattoo to honnor my dad

  26. lazzey days says

    my grandfather died a few weeks ago and he was like a 2nd father to me and because I am to young to get a tattoo I drew the last text he sent me befor he died on my wrist and to this day I redraw it (if you are wondering what the text was it was "what you doing")

  27. Nikki B says


  28. Tommy 92675 says

    2:18 that's a interesting idea. BOOK NERDS! get tattoos of your favorite books titles so you never forget what books you love.

  29. TheDogcat20 says

    I have a tattoo of the date I had emergency surgery which saved my when I was 4 years old. Doctors said and still do say that it was a miracle that I saved

  30. Rosabella says

    At 3:05 I thought that palm was Kermit the frog sipping tea, until I read the caption

  31. Annika Knutzen says

    Who is cutting onions?

  32. Not all tattoos are signs of a gangster

  33. cheyanne johnson says

    This video is making me cry

  34. XOXXXOOOXO NO says

    Im gonna get one honoring my Grandma..

    I promise

    Probably something related to flowers since she loved them so much.

  35. Thunderleaf #2 says

    I was crying the whole video it just made me think of my dead cat for most of them I don’t really know why though

  36. STORM PEGASUS 61580 says

    My dad passed away when I was three

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