Stupid Tattoos

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Some of the worst crazy stupid tattoos ever… 🤦

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Found & used a lot of pictures from this video:
20 Worst Tattoos You Wont Believe Actually Exist

  1. Joshua G. says

    That drake shit looks retarded.

  2. Wow Wow says

    I miss Tro man 🙁

  3. Slim Her says

    Piece of shit, Pile of shit

  4. Random Name says


  5. Lolyaymanz says

    Upload you bastard

  6. Jade Mottian says

    Where tf is tro

  7. Super Kenny says

    5:15 god's probably thing the flip did she do this for well since you asked

  8. Stephanie The Teacher says

    A now my love of Triggered Tro has increased 3 fold since he pronounced Gangnam correctly! Thank you!

  9. Wonder Girl says

    Gangnam Style is a K-Pop song by PSY and it's in Korean. K-pop stands for Korean Pop in case you didn't know. I actually hate tattoos, in fact, I do Henna instead since it is pain-free and not long lasting. Henna is not a tattoo for those who don't know, it is an artwork which is made from henna trees only found in India and Pakistan.

  10. Goku Carrasco says

    The drake one looks like it says drack

  11. Tayah Bubulka says

    The shit tattoo lady didn’t choose that. As revenge her boyfriend drew that instead of what she wanted…

  12. Meli Rayne says

    Actually alot of girls go for long haired men

  13. Civilized Savage says

    I miss you brother, please come back

  14. Aly le renard BJ says

    Hey youtube, stop asking, I Will not look at the roaches diet… I wont. Stop. OK FINE. I Will…

  15. AppleRain says

    Glad to see you at 1 million Tro

  16. Sexysaurus Rex says

    Nah fam, sexy vegan and the guy that keeps cockroaches on his fridge is what some of us subscribed.

  17. Aziz zouaoui says

    wait what! What's wrong with world of Warcraft

  18. bigrub tocool says

    PS You will never run out of work

  19. bigrub tocool says

    Yeah man good video do more of just dumb people like with the tattoos but other things

  20. Conner Bulman says

    Where you at!!

  21. Reckless Asian says

    Took me a minute to realize I was looking at tits (thumbnail)

  22. Khalid El Niel says

    Cmon man some wow players have a life. And 18 n making 4500dhs a week soo….

  23. Evan Dahl says

    triggered tro PLEASE come back

  24. Faye Mey says

    Love ya Tro❤️

  25. Sohftie Flower says

    The one that has Posted the Daniel tattoo…wtf is wrong with his teeth.

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