Covering the Beauty Hills Tattoo | America’s Worst Tattoos

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Tattoo artist Megan Massacre faces a serious challenge when covering up Ney Ney’s bad tattoo. | For more, visit

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  1. ruddiko says

    both of their tattoos are bad, laser that shit out don't even cover it

  2. kill as one says

    I hate all this new bullshit tattoo crap, makin it all cool and fashionable. Wish i had none now.

  3. Anthony Wirth says

    Sorry not a fan of tattoos so all those tattoos to me are very ugly.

  4. Fabiola Joseph says

    Nae naeeeeee

  5. Rosemarie De La Melena says

    So her biggest issue is that it says “beauty hills” and not that huge ass diamond??

  6. لينا القديري says

    Why are they screaming??? Can't they just talk so quietly 😐

  7. Maria Sanchez says

    No Sorry but you have the World's Worst Tattoo(s)

  8. D-Day Fitness says

    That’s what you get
    For getting a narcissistic tattoo by some kid at 1am in the morning.

  9. abudo abuy says

    who else was this …
    girl: Hey , my name is Nae Nae
    Me: starts singing watch me/whip and Nae nae

  10. Glowingrosegoldgirl Msp says

    I’m whip

  11. aeromedical67 says

    Do all the chicks on this show dress like street walkers?

  12. Lilliz91 says

    Yeah that’s why you really think about it when you get a tattoo. Like that’s so damn stupid. Ewww

  13. rainbowgabberz says

    You’ll never see this but love you Lady Luna!!!

  14. Matio says

    She looks like 6ix9ine

  15. living in Wonderland says

    All her tattoos need to be covered

  16. Zoe Malcolm says

    Watch me whip now watch me… NAE NAE

  17. Sarah 28 says

    So wait… but the MyLittlePony one was fine?

  18. lıl Chıa says

    I love her purple hair

  19. Lil Panda says

    Yaaaay more click bait lmfaoooo
    Bro, you cant give a title to a youtube video like this and only show 3min of the video bullshit

  20. rggtrsdg2355 tw says

    The chest one looks like shit too

  21. Stephany Escobar says

    I kind of see the k look closely it may seem like and H but looking at it a bit longer it looks like a fucked up K

  22. Femix says

    Uh he could hear what they had been speaking about

  23. LivQuakes Everyday says

    Has anyone seen tattoo far

  24. vladisdyin hoe says

    get nae nae'd

  25. Vivi Phoenix says

    Not gonna lie, ALL OF THE CLIENTS TATS SUCK!! SO SAD. The heart in her chest is NOT even or expertly done in any way! & WTF IS THAT UGLY FADED SLEEVE?!! EW

  26. Exciting Emma says

    The heart on her chest is terrible

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