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What do you guys think of the tattoos?

Send me designs for the sleeve! [email protected]


Amazing Raymond Laser Printer Tattoo Paper + Adhesive Sheets

Amazing Raymond Liquid Skin matte sealer

Prosaide Adhesive *

Filming equipment:

Canon 70D *

Canon 24-70 Lens *

Rode Compact Microphone (on camera) *

USB microphone (voice over on computer) *

* = affiliate link


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  1. Alixandir Killmongir says

    Is the ink you used printer ink or FDA approved ink?

  2. Thới Giới mới says

    please exchange. I also painted tattoos like you. Please follow me and tell me. I love you

  3. jasmine chavez says

    They matte sealer is sold out, is there anything else I could use as a substitute for that ?

  4. Erika Werkheiser says

    You always make the best fx videos!!! I was wondering when will you make gore like pieces like the bottle face one or the infected knee? I would love to see those videos again.

  5. Hannah Irene says

    OMG! id love to draw up something, can it be color or keep it black and white?

  6. Halle Titus says

    Not at tattoos fade when you take care of them (which a lot of people don't), they will slightly when fully healed but proper healing after care and just taking care of your tattoo(s) in general they wont fade badly

  7. Lisa Wang says

    Very excited to see the full sleeve video!

  8. Mvnsfx MakeUp Art. says

    Thanks for this awesome video,very helpful!!!

  9. DanTheMan 12 says

    Well I’m doing this

  10. Lauren G says

    I have been waiting forever for a tutorial like this. I have a couple tattoos on my arm and am eventually going to get a full sleeve. This would be amazing to map out the placement on my arm with different tattoos to see what I like best. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  11. Hanna says

    And yes defo looking foward to the full sleeve video

  12. Hanna says

    I love your videos! Thank you so much for always putting up such professional videos. I'm a make-up artist myself and i already did a few hand drawn smaller tattoos and for a film once we used temptu alcohol transfer tattoos which also look pretty awesome. I'm just always asking myself how they do it when theres actual arm hair or chest hair over a tattoo.. cause for the transfer paper u also need to shave the parts u wanna put the tattoo on, right? If it's a lot of hair at least.. thank's and hey from germany

  13. Skwawesome says

    This is bomb!

  14. Sophie Foster says

    As someone who’s starting out this is so incredibly helpful! 2 questions, firstly, do you have to use a a laser printer to print them out to work? Also, if you were applying this to someone on a film who’s a little bit more hairy would it work just as well or would you have to prep beforehand? Thank you! X

  15. Raiana Laguna says

    waw…. thank you so so much!!!

  16. Rae Everlark says

    Tattoos dont fade… the ink bleeds over time but doesnt fade. It blurs into a big blob… depending on what the tattoo is. I have 12 of them, some of which are a decade old lol
    The only time they would fade like this would be with laser removal treatment…

  17. Karen1Nicola says

    Ooo yes, very much looking forward to seeing how you do a full sleeve!

  18. Twenty Paphonies says

    This is the first tattoo transfer video I've ever seen. Every fake tattoo tutorial was literally just drawing with eyeliner and then rubbing baby powder over it. I've been looking for this for YEARS.
    Thank you so so so much for sharing this!

  19. Kristiynah Parker says

    Aw man they don’t deliver to the US ):

  20. Meme Machine says

    Thought this was an sfx tutorial during the intro and I was really impressed. I thought wow, her free handing skills are amazing!

  21. vickytime says

    Your videos never fail to impress me! So awesome!

  22. Damn Nematodes says

    Hey thanks for the skillshare link! Im a pastry chef but my piping is NOT the strongest. Already signed up to get some tips to better my career

  23. Amanda says

    This is such a cool video, dude. I don't think I've ever come across how to do this without it being about trying out a tattoo before getting the real thing.

  24. MedzMedic says

    Amazing – I wish I knew of The Amazing Raymond with previous projects I've worked on! My homemade tattoos didn't look nearly as fantastic as this! Looking forward to trying this in the future.

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