Celebs Who Got Really Embarrassing Tattoos Removed

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We all know folks who have Spring Break ink regrets, like a tribal armband or literally anything on one’s lower back. And while most people can easily hide their tattoo mistakes, it’s not so easy for the stars. These are the celebs who got their embarrassing tattoos removed…

Pamela Anderson’s 90s icon | 0:16
Kaley Cuoco’s anniversary tat | 0:57
Angelina Jolie says goodbye | 1:40
Eva Longoria’s team spirit | 2:05
Adrienne Bailon’s booty tat | 2:31
Nick Lachey’s sun cover-up | 3:11
Kelly Osbourne’s painful removals | 3:38

  1. Nicki Swift says

    What other celeb tattoos should have made this list?

  2. Michael Hart says

    I still think Nick Lachey is hot AF

  3. moon flower says

    That moth was awful

  4. glen phillips says

    Wonder how many celebrities had fake tattoos to get people to want to get tattoos ? Don't worship false idols might apply here.

  5. ballybunion9 says

    Is there such a thing as an "un-embarrassing" tattoo? I don't think so.

  6. Fcutdlady says

    Lachey's sun is not actually a bad tattoo. I have 2 tatoos on each arm. One each related to my late parents on my right arm and 2 related to me on the back. Of my left arm. I plan to get 1or 2 more on the front of my right arm when funds allow.

  7. Uma Fa says

    Lesson learned: don’t ever tattoo the name of your spouse on your body. Even if you’ve been married for 5 years, u never know.

  8. Missy Cabic says

    That’s why you think long and hard about getting a tattoo. It took me two years to decide on one of mine. I have 9 and don’t regret a single one. Three of them represent my kids and one my grandson. The rest are meaningful to me. Don’t get a tattoo if you haven’t taken the time to decide on the right one. And definitely don’t get a tattoo if you’re thinking “If I get it here, I can cover it up”. If you’re already figuring out how you’re going to cover it (with sleeves, etc.), then just don’t get one at all. They aren’t for everyone.

  9. Juan Montemayor says

    Hey this an idea don’t get a tattoo

  10. CleavAlive says

    Removing hurts more than getting the tattoo. All I needed to hear.

  11. Andrew Mills says

    It seems these days it's unusual to see someone without a tattoo.

  12. crashweaverda says

    Never get a tattoo where you can't hid it. Or just don't get any at all they look like shit when you get older. Were great when I was 20 look like shit at 54.

  13. A girl has no name says

    What about Jhene Aiko with Big Sean's face? That was a whole mess lol

  14. Rick Charles says

    A tattoo on a female screams, "SLUT!"
    A tattoo on a guy screams, "DUMB-ASS!"
    Hope it REALLY hurts having them removed.

  15. Christopher Shagnasty says

    Imagine those who have face tattoos, ouch!

  16. Christopher Shagnasty says

    I had a tattoo removal, and it hurts like a mofo. Worse than getting the tattoo.

  17. alphatrion100 says

    1 in 3 marriages end in divorce.
    Just don't…

  18. Huli81 says

    Bailon = bye own not Bye Lon!

  19. Cahidi Joyo Raharjo says

    Your body is your temple. Don't desecrate it.

  20. Tal R. says

    Wait I don't get why Nick Lachey's 98 degree tattoo was embarrassing? Does he regret being in the band or something?

  21. margareth michelina says

    Moral of the story: Don't have a tatoo!


    Bill Bob really? 1:50

  23. ferociousgumby says

    Then there`s Johnny Depp`s famous `Winona Forever` tattoo, which when they broke up morphed into “Wino Forever`.

  24. Pedantic Pete says

    So happy I was smart enough not to ever get tattoos. Same with my wife. Still not one I know for sure I’d want in 20 years. I’ve got friends with tribals and barbed wire and it’s silly a f

  25. skullsxr says

    The barbwire tat was more cringey than the sun one

  26. stuckOnDom says

    Wow how rebellious… Yawn.

  27. Tineke Williams says

    It's so painful to get them removed. I had some spider veins removed from my thigh and each session I cried!

  28. mrTabascohot says

    I have a tattoo of a ruler on my penis. But it's not accurate. I made the space between the inches smaller to add a inch and a half in length.

  29. EDEN ETIENNE says


  30. Charlie Westfort says

    Nick Lacey is still a babe

  31. GGBABE says

    Yeah don't do a Pete Davison or an Ariana Grande one, God knows how painful it will be to get their tattoos removed

  32. poison rain says


  33. Michael Blair says

    Doesn't even look like the same person

  34. Laura Nope says

    Never get a tattoo of anything, that has to do with an EX.

  35. Simple Kenny says

    Two words, Pete Davidson

  36. Kelly Does Drawings says


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