13 Cases of Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong

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The way you look is very important, especially for women, but not every product meets the expectations. Here are some beauty treatments and procedures which went wrong.

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Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong
Welcome to the age of instant gratification and the constant need to be connected to our social media accounts and other people’s judgements.
Fluorescent Pink Skin
If you’ve been to any mall in the United States you’ve probably seen a LUSH store, which caters to the crowd that enjoys organic skin-care products made of all-natural ingredients. Although, we’re not really certain what kind of company hands out bath products that may make your skin turn fluorescent pink.
Squiggle Brow
We really wish we were joking but the squiggle brow is a real thing and it’s happening right now. If you’ve been on Instagram’s beauty pages you’ll see that the eyebrow world has become a pretty scary place with all kinds of bizarre trends happening.
False Eyelash Mishap
Most women (and maybe a few men) who go out of their way to get false eyelashes probably are expecting an awesome look with fuller lashes. What they’re probably not expecting is that the treatment will make their real eyelashes fall right out.
Makeup Brush Paralysis
This is definitely a beauty story that no one should have to endure, but sometimes accidents happen and there’s nothing we can do about it.
Enhanced Lips Go Too Far
Lip enhancements have been a major staple for plastic surgeons, and it seems like everyone and their mother wants fuller lips. Sure, this can be an ultimate (and expensive life goal) but there are safe ways to get the desired effect.
Streamline Eyebrows
We wish we could escape stories with eyebrows, but it’s really trends like this that make us want to hide in the nearest room and continue browsing the internet to look at adorable puppies. They’re still so innocent, they haven’t had to endure the thing that is the streamline eyebrow.
Permanent Fail
Perms are a pretty normal request at beauty salons, but they’re not for everyone and sometimes they just turn out disastrous.
When Baldness Strikes
Wen was a popular infomercial hair product that raked in millions of dollars, that is until women all over started claiming the product was causing sudden hair loss and then baldness. In 2010, the company made 100 million dollars, and the product is by no means cheap at 30 dollars a bottle.

  1. Your Spades says

    12:09, I dyed my eyebrows after weeks, my eyebrows burnt and there are bumps in it. It actualky hurts the first few days. Didn’t tell my parents yet, I hid my eyebrows using my bangs.

  2. Jeonghan’s judging face says

    bert is not from th muppets… he's from bert and ernie.

  3. melomania says

    Lip fillers last around 6 months xD not a lifetime!

  4. # dragon says

    Contadict the need for instant gratification. Lengthy annoying commentary. FAIL

  5. A. Miller says

    Could you please STFU? Thanks

  6. Shireen Shaikh says

    Y People Try To Play With Natural things gifted By God??

  7. xVanessax ._. says

    10:27 lol is it supposed to be “Wen”?

  8. SibjjIsLife says

    Takes hair tie off wrist

  9. shannon loomis says

    How do you get bacteria on hair ties? Gross!

  10. Missie Davis says

    One time when l was 11 l tried Ponds cream under my eyes. Then an hour later l had a severe allergic reaction all over my face and neck. I had redness all over my face and neck, rashes, itching, hives and lots of swelling. I had the allergic reaction for a week. It said that it was hypoallergenic and it was dermatologists tested so l tried it. And that was 2 years ago. I highly recommend NOT to use Ponds cream.

  11. Susan Spencer says

    The Beauty Shop done messed my hair up bad, … SHIT… HELLLP

  12. Alisa Howard says

    I bought WEN. Used it a couple of times, then tossed it. Received a $25 settlement check years later.

  13. Sandra laffey says

    Guys I had a disaster microblading .too dark and thick. I used fake tan remover by Bondi Sans I had already and I didn't follow care instructions . Omg worked. Fades in two days. In the mean time use foundation slightly over the brows while you are doing your foundation. Then use a brown eyeshadow to darken to your desire ..it worked for me. Fake tan removal was the best . I accidentally discovered it while removing take tan from my arms.

  14. Diamonds Shinebright says

    Burt is not from the Muppets Bert is from Sesame Street

  15. thehalfbloodqueen _ says

    a FEW men hmmmmm James Charels Jeffrey star Manny MUA

  16. Abigail Richter says

    3:45 i just took the hair tie off my arm… thx

  17. youwotmate 0 says

    1:23 what the actual fuck why is she licking the brow pencil

  18. Jane Heimbichner says

    A man with a snarky attitude towards women. What else is new?

  19. Megan Todd says

    U mean the product shampoo called Wen did this to their hair? I'm glad I never bought that product then

  20. Coffee Droplets says

    I really hope I don’t loose my mind one day and go out looking like a squiggly snail.

  21. Amber L says

    Weird that lush employees didn't explain the product….

  22. Dee Marie Dubois says

    As for the pedicure, you shouldn't be sticking your feet in water that someone else has used. At my salon, they not only drain the water after each use, they wash and sanitize the small whirlpool tub after each use, then fill it with clean water. They also open right in front of you, a new set of utensils they will use on your feet and nails that has been run through a sanitizer. Idk where the announcer is going but he needs a new salon.

  23. Ethereal Angelica says

    The first one isn’t true she actually put kids paint on her face thinking it would wash off

  24. Ellie says

    Are we all just going to ignore the fact that he said Bert and Ernie are from the muppets?!

  25. Ms.Lauren says

    i applied at lush, and even went for the group tour, yeah i asked many questions but that was only so i can stand out. but they didnt hire me because as they put it i was too enthusiastic, i know right, i even went to the factory/wear house wear they make the bath boms and i even asked them if i could start today, they said we'll call you once they made their choice well it turns out they didn't call me they emailed me to tell me that. ugh oh well there's always the body shop. xoxo

  26. xo_sharpPaint_xo says

    I have never had any sort of problem dying my hair I have dyed it So many times and it's still healthy

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