"Will You Marry Me?" VERY Awkward Tattoo For New Girlfriend! | Tattoo Fixers

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In this Valentines day special, a drag queen needs an ex-Valentine tattoo covering, and so does Jordan after the tattoo he used to propose to his ex isn’t appreciated by his new girlfriend!
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  1. Eriqe Ashwaq says

    Why his is so much like oli Sykes????!!!

  2. IMF LM says

    married? NO

  3. 2vain4u says

    "let's go have a look" video ends you fucker

  4. sumayyah Islam says

    What the hell? We don't get to see the coverup?

  5. A True Love Official says

    Yes, it's very awkward seeing someone’s tattoo for his ex girlfriend because you can see it everyday. Good thing he covered it for the sake of his new girlfriend.

  6. Cate Bone says

    Why do the couple have the same face

  7. Riley Harrison says

    I’m Riley too but not a drag

  8. Or Carmon says

    0:54 that is not a realistic eye I'm sorry the shading is very off and the shape isnt done well

  9. Eve Lig says


  10. Jeff Amos says

    is tt just me?but is allice really sexy and gorgeous?and just generally just beautiful all around?!?!?!

  11. Angel Caban says

    Thanks for sharing, thats awsome

  12. Chris Thomson says

    I don't get the point of the black girl on the show she never does anything

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