Top Tattoo Locations For Men and Women in 2010 – Early Predictions I Stake My Reputation On – Part 2

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This is the continuation of a previous article that highlighted the top hottest trends in tattoo designs for 2010. That article featured some of the more popular designs that both men and women are getting these days. This article is part 2 in the series of hot tattoo trends for 2010 and will feature some of the hottest locations to get ink done on your body. It is helpful and advisable to read both articles Part 1 and Part 2 and then you can mix and match the popular design with a hot location on your body for your own unique tattoo creation. Design your own tattoo easily online with these great locations and designs.

Side Tattoo Designs

Side tattoos have really caught on like wildfire in the tattoo arena. Just a word of warning these tattoo designs can be on the painful side especially as you go up towards the rib cage area. The higher the design goes the more potential for pain you have. It is typically not recommended for a first time tattoo person. Due to that factor this location for a tattoo design has been around for ever but often not in such a hugely popular way as right now. Since people these days are looking to get a tattoo but also looking for something that is unique and different this has driven many people to start requesting the side tattoo. Some of the benefits of a side tattoo is it is a rather large area which allows for a much more intricate and detailed tattoo. It is great for both men and women and does not typically lean towards one or the other sex. So both men and women can easily get these designs inked on their body.

Upper Back Tattoos Full Back Designs

Another popular trend has been kind of a movement away from the lower back tramp stamp tattoo design and that is upper back tattoos or even full back tattoos. Interestingly enough this is also equally popular among men and women for a place to get a tattoo. It is easy to cover up when needed and also it affords a rather large canvas for a very intricate design. The upper back tattoo is great for a word font based design. While the whole back can be used for just about any design you could want. Some of the most popular tattoo designs in the world right now are the Japanese tattoos and these work often best on the back area due to it being such a large space.

Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos were once the domain of mainly men and not many women were getting this part of their body inked. However, in recent years with the growth of tattooing and women getting tattoos this has really changed. Now more and more women are choosing to get much larger and bold tattoo designs and thus has lead women into the area of sleeve tattoos. The sleeve tattoo is one of the hottest current trends with tons of men and women requesting them. There are so many possible designs that work great on this location but it really has to be a personal choice. One of the top designs is again the Japanese tattoos such as a koi fish design.

Again as stated in article one these are just meant to give some ideas of what is hot and popular right now. As tattoo design trends change over time you want to know what is popular and what has fallen out of fashion. Your tattoo artist won’t always tell you what to get or what not to get because it is no longer popular. That is why a little bit of research and finding some great tattoo design pictures that you can use as a resource is helpful in getting your own unique and hot tattoo design.

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